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Malta squad
1Jamie Azzopardi01/09/1997Goalkeeper808080 Mosta FC (MLT)
2Daniel Buckle29/07/1997Defender808061* Hibernians FC (MLT)
3Jean Borg08/01/1998Defender808080 Valletta FC (MLT)
4Nick Ghio18/06/1998Defender73*80 Hibernians FC (MLT)
5Matthew Guillaumier09/04/1998Midfield808080 St Andrews FC (MLT)
6Christian Degabriele07/03/1997Defender8046* Pietà Hotspurs FC (MLT)
7Aidan Friggieri28/04/1998Forward8080801 Sliema Wanderers FC (MLT)
8Jake Grech18/11/1997Midfield73*8080 Hamrun Spartans FC (MLT)
9Kyrian Nwoko04/07/1997Forward8055* St Andrews FC (MLT)
10Conor Borg13/05/1997Midfield8065*79* AC Chievo Verona (ITA)
11Joseph Mbong15/07/1997Forward40*80801 Hibernians FC (MLT)
12Mikhail Sciberras17/05/1997Goalkeeper Balzan FC (MLT)
13Myles Beerman13/03/1999Midfield40+25+80 Floriana FC (MLT)
14Iousef Meli07/11/1997Defender7+34+80 Sliema Wanderers FC (MLT)
15Mark Scicluna24/02/1997Midfield 80* Sliema Wanderers FC (MLT)
16Neil Spiteri03/06/1997Defender 19+ Floriana FC (MLT)
17Juan Corbolan03/01/1997Midfield7+15+1+ Balzan FC (MLT)
18Neil Tabone01/10/1997Midfield Floriana FC (MLT)
19Luke Galea21/01/1997Defender1+ Hamrun Spartans FC (MLT)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Coach: Sergio Soldano
"In the squad we had five players born in 1998 and one in 1999, and we demonstrated that there is great potential. I was very pleased that the lads never let their heads drop, even when they were two or three goals down. We still kept trying to score. It was hugely beneficial to take on teams and experience situations totally different to what we usually encounter. The pace and the tactical quality was much higher. The more tournaments like this we can play, the more our football will grow."

Malta team analysis

Malta team analysis

• 4-3-3 with Matthew Guillaumier, Conor Borg, Jake Grech alternating as twin screen

• Adventurous attacking approach; high level of motivation

• Effective use of wide areas by Aidan Friggieri (right) and Joseph Mbong (left)

• Well-organised team; good level of physical condition

• Deep defending with screening midfielders and wingers back

• Fast counterattacks based on direct supply to target striker Kyrian Nwoko

• Dangerous set plays with good quality delivery