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Portugal squad
1Pedro Silva13/02/1997Goalkeeper8080 Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)
2Hugo Santos08/06/1997Defender8080 80 SL Benfica (POR)
3Rúben Dias14/05/1997Defender80808080 SL Benfica (POR)
4Pêpê20/05/1997Defender 9+80 1 SL Benfica (POR)
5Yuri Ribeiro24/01/1997Defender80807+75* SL Benfica (POR)
6Rúben Neves13/03/1997Midfield808028+80 FC Porto (POR)
7Diogo Gonçalves06/02/1997Forward76*58* 80 SL Benfica (POR)
8Gonçalo Rodrigues18/07/1997Midfield64*71*52*54* SL Benfica (POR)
9Alexandre Silva16/03/1997Forward808040+80 Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)
10Renato Sanches18/08/1997Forward8080 801 SL Benfica (POR)
11Luís Mata06/07/1997Forward24+27+80 2 FC Porto (POR)
12Fábio Duarte11/05/1998Goalkeeper 8080 SL Benfica (POR)
13Ferro26/03/1997Defender80808080 SL Benfica (POR)
14Pedro Empis01/02/1997Midfield 805+ Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)
15João Carvalho09/03/1997Midfield4+22+73*78* SL Benfica (POR)
16Diogo Izata06/01/1997Defender 80 FC Porto (POR)
17Pedro Delgado07/04/1997Midfield16+ 802+ FC Internazionale Milano (ITA)
18Aurélio Buta10/02/1997Forward56*53*40*26+ SL Benfica (POR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Coach: Emilio Peixe
"It's a development process and it was an important moment for the young players. They made a very positive impression, though we wanted a different ending to the story. I think we showed quality and that, because of the way we were organised and our individual ability, we deserved to reach the final. I think we played the best-quality football at the tournament and, even though we went home sad, the players had good reason to feel proud of their performances."

Portugal team analysis

Portugal team analysis

• 4-3-3 with single screening midfielder and two wingers

��� Good teamwork by strong, compact defensive line from same club

• Rúben Neves the midfield pivot; excellent passing, switches of play

• Renato Sanches the skilful, creative link between midfield and attack

• Direct runs by interchanging wingers; attack well led by striker Alexandre Silva

• Fluent, progressive possession play based on neat short passing

• Well-structured team; high levels of individual and collective qualities