Team analysis



Scotland squad
1Robby McCrorie18/03/1998Goalkeeper80808080 Rangers FC (SCO)
2Sam Wardrop20/10/1997Defender8080806+ Celtic FC (SCO)
3Thomas Lang12/06/1997Defender67*7+ 1+ Birmingham City FC (ENG)
4Jack Breslin06/04/1997Defender80808080 Celtic FC (SCO)
5Kyle Cameron15/01/1997Defender8073*8080 Newcastle United FC (ENG)
6Joseph Thomson14/01/1997Midfield80808080 Derry City FC (IRL)
7Aidan Nesbitt05/02/1997Midfield80808080 Celtic FC (SCO)
8Michael Kelly03/11/1997Midfield 1+ Aberdeen FC (SCO)
9Craig Wighton27/07/1997Forward8015+40+80*1 Dundee FC (SCO)
10Steven Boyd12/04/1997Forward40+ 26+ Celtic FC (SCO)
11Scott Wright08/08/1997Forward40*65*79*74*1 Aberdeen FC (SCO)
12Mackay Devlin23/01/1997Goalkeeper Kilmarnock FC (SCO)
13Calvin Miller09/01/1998Forward13+73*40* Celtic FC (SCO)
14Ryan Hardie17/03/1997Forward40+ 40+801 Rangers FC (SCO)
15Aidan McIlduff20/04/1997Defender40*7+ Celtic FC (SCO)
16Zak Jules07/02/1997Defender 808080 Reading FC (ENG)
17Cameron Ballantye13/04/1997Defender808040*80 Dundee United FC (SCO)
18Jake Sheppard30/05/1997Defender 808054*1 Reading FC (ENG)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Coach: Scot Gemmill
"The manner of defeat in the semi-final was hurtful for the players. There's often a thin line between winning and losing and we went toe-to-toe with an excellent Dutch team for 30 minutes. But once the game swung, it was difficult against technical players who were always capable of scoring  goals. The lads were very upset but they're young players and they're still learning. They need to see the bigger picture – and that might take some time. But they went home as better players and with every reason to hold their heads up high."

Scotland team analysis

Scotland team analysis

• 4-2-3-1 with switches to 4-4-2, always with twin midfield screen

• Physically strong back four holding high line; good aerial strength

• Good shot-stopping and defensive covering by goalkeeper Robby McCrorie

• Emphasis on building through midfield, opening play to wings

• Aidan Nesbitt the skilful, industrious catalyst linking defence with attack

• Attacks supported by full-backs, especially Kyle Cameron on left

• Excellent team and work ethics; mental strength; never-say-die attitude