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Switzerland squad
1Gregor Kobel06/12/1997Goalkeeper808080 Grasshopper Club Zürich (SUI)
2Samir Bajrami03/07/1997Defender 8080 Grasshopper Club Zürich (SUI)
3Tobias Schättin05/06/1997Defender8071*80 FC Winterthur (SUI)
4Alban Selmanaj19/04/1997Defender809+77* FC Basel 1893 (SUI)
5Mirlind Kryeziu26/01/1997Defender808080 FC Zürich (SUI)
6Remo Arnold17/01/1997Midfield7580 FC Luzern (SUI)
7Arxhend Cani02/08/1997Midfield63*71*58*
8Djibril Sow06/02/1997Midfield808080 FC Zürich (SUI)
9Albian Ajeti26/02/1997Forward78*8080 FC Basel 1893 (SUI)
10Dimitri Oberlin27/09/1997Midfield8080801 FC Zürich (SUI)
11Roberto Alves08/06/1997Midfield 15+ Grasshopper Club Zürich (SUI)
12Senad Mujovic26/05/1997Goalkeeper Grasshopper Club Zürich (SUI)
13Noah Loosli23/01/1997Defender 80 Grasshopper Club Zürich (SUI)
14Robin Huser24/01/1998Midfield70* 3+
15Harun Alpsoy03/03/1997Defender2+8058* Grasshopper Club Zürich (SUI)
16Kevin Rüegg05/08/1998Defender80 FC Zürich (SUI)
17Derek Kutesa06/12/1997Midfield10+65*22+ Servette FC (SUI)
18Boris Babic10/11/1997Forward17+9+22+1 FC St. Gallen (SUI)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute
©Domenic Aquilina

Coach: Yves Débonnaire
"It's down to consistency in your performance and discipline in your game plan. The players are going to learn from this, then we will see if they do anything about it. Some will learn and act on it, whereas others learn and then don't do anything about it. That's what makes the difference. Some of these will be around at Under-21 level and some won't because they haven't learnt correctly. That's the reality, but that's why this tournament is magnificent."

Switzerland team analysis

Switzerland team analysis

• Variations on 4-3-3 with single or twin screen in midfield

• Quick transitions to compact 4-4-1-1 when defending

• Emphasis on combination play from back and through midfield

• Effective use of direct long passing, notably against Scotland

• Full-backs ready to push forward, especially Tobias Schättin on left

• Good one-on-one abilities among front four; striker Albian Ajeti a permanent threat

• Excellent goalkeeping, initiating build-ups with good distribution