Team analysis



1Andreas Søndergaard17/01/2001Goalkeeper80 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (ENG)
2Mikkel Møller Lassen19/06/2001Defender 53*80 AGF Aarhus (DEN)
3Mathias Ross Jensen15/01/2001Defender808080 Aalborg BK (DEN)
4Tobias Anker06/03/2001Defender8080 FC Midtjylland (DEN)
5Christoffer Petersen13/01/2001Defender8066* Randers FC (DEN)
6Jacob Christensen25/06/2001Midfield64*8040+ FC Nordsjælland (DEN)
7Oliver Rose-Villadsen16/11/2001Forward71*8023+ FC Nordsjælland (DEN)
8Jeppe Pedersen03/03/2001Midfield16+80 Aalborg BK (DEN)
9Muamer Brajanac15/02/2001Forward65*53* Brøndby IF (DEN)
10Nikolas Dyhr18/06/2001Forward80 57*1 FC Midtjylland (DEN)
11Oliver Tølbøll Rimmen07/05/2001Forward 27+65* FC Nordsjælland (DEN)
12Gustav Isaksen19/04/2001Forward8080 FC Midtjylland (DEN)
14Morten Frendrup07/04/2001Midfield808080 Brøndby IF (DEN)
15Thomas Gundelund Nielsen06/11/2001Defender80 80 Vejle BK (DEN)
16Daniel Gadegaard Andersen31/05/2001Goalkeeper 8080 AGF Aarhus (DEN)
17Gustav Mogensen19/04/2001Forward9+ 15+ AGF Aarhus (DEN)
18Andreas Kirkeby01/02/2001Forward15+ 40*1 FC København (DEN)
20Andreas Pyndt Andersen04/03/2001Midfield 14+80 Brøndby IF (DEN)
21Mikkel Kaufmann Sørensen03/01/2001Forward 27+80 Aalborg BK (DEN)
24Thomas Christiansen19/04/2001Defender 4 Aalborg BK (DEN)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Denmark team analysis

Formation in attack:Denmark team analysisFormation in defence:Denmark team analysis

Key features – Denmark

• Variations on 1-4-3-3 with two screening midfielders
• Patient passing game; centre-backs playing into midfield or to wide positions
• Expansive attacking with full-backs high, wide players coming in off the line
• Fluid midfield shape with 6 Christensen operating in deeper role
• Infield runs by wrong-footed wingers; 9 Brajanac as target striker
• After ball-loss, generally dropped back to 1-4-4-1-1 pressing in middle third
• Attacking vocation, offering space between lines for opponents to counter

Head coach: Michael Pedersen (11/06/1963)