Team analysis



1Luca Ashby-Hammond25/03/2001Goalkeeper8080808080 Fulham FC (ENG)
2Dylan Crowe13/04/2001Defender57*40+80 Ipswich Town FC (ENG)
3Nathanael Ogbeta28/04/2001Defender8080 65*80 Manchester City FC (ENG)
4James Garner13/03/2001Midfield8080808080 Manchester United FC (ENG)
5Ethan Laird05/08/2001Defender80808080 Manchester United FC (ENG)
6Ajibola-Joshua Alese17/01/2001Defender 808080 West Ham United FC (ENG)
7Arvin Appiah05/01/2001Forward808051*801 Nottingham Forest FC (ENG)
8Thomas Doyle17/10/2001Midfield808013*2 Manchester City FC (ENG)
9Tyreece John-Jules14/02/2001Forward58*40* 11+ Arsenal FC (ENG)
10Faustino Anjorin23/11/2001Midfield 57*29+65* Chelsea FC (ENG)
11Xavier Amaechi05/01/2001Forward808080801 Arsenal FC (ENG)
12Vontae Daley-Campbell02/04/2001Defender8040* 8080 Arsenal FC (ENG)
13Marcus Dewhurst20/03/2001Goalkeeper Sheffield United FC (ENG)
14Elijah Dixon-Bonner01/01/2001Midfield2+ 67+ 15+ Liverpool FC (ENG)
15Bobby Duncan26/06/2001Forward 40+28+74*69*1
16Rayhaan Tulloch20/01/2001Forward23+25+15+75* West Bromwich Albion FC (ENG)
17Bukayo Saka05/09/2001Defender8080808080 Arsenal FC (ENG)
18Trae Coyle11/01/2001Midfield Arsenal FC (ENG)
19Matthew Daly10/03/2001Midfield78*55*23+80801 Huddersfield Town FC (ENG)
20Folarin Balogun03/07/2001Forward22+ 52*6+5+ Arsenal FC (ENG)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

England team analysis

Formation in attack:England team analysisFormation in defence:England team analysis

Key features – England

• 1-4-2-3-1 with 1-4-3-3 defending; high defensive line, midfield pressing
• Possession game; combination play from back; mix of short, long passing
• Two fast wingers with 1 v 1 skills, supported by attacking full-backs
• Good distribution by keeper including long diagonals to wings for counters
• Fluent, high-tempo game built on excellent athletic qualities
• Screening midfielders switching play; pre-empting opposition counters
• Attacking philosophy; anticipation, speed to ball, skill in all areas

Head coach: Steve Cooper (10/12/1979)