Team analysis



1Shareef Keouf25/06/2001Goalkeeper808080 Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
2Guy Hakim30/01/2001Defender60* Bnei Yehuda Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
3Hanan Biton07/02/2001Defender8040+80 Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
4Dan Lugassy27/02/2001Midfield8080801 Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
5Rony Laufer18/02/2001Defender808080 Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
6Mohammad Gadir10/01/2001Midfield 14+80 Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
7Ido Shahar20/08/2001Midfield808022+ Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
8Omri Ram24/03/2001Forward50* 40* Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
9Liel Abada03/10/2001Forward8048*80 Hapoel Petach-Tikva FC (ISR)
10Ibrahim Jauabra03/01/2001Midfield8066*40+ Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
11Ofek Ovadia30/01/2001Forward808013+ Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
12Tom Mordechay09/05/2001Defender 80 Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
13Osher Davida18/02/2001Forward32+67* Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
14Daniel Tesker28/09/2001Midfield 40* Hapoel Petach-Tikva FC (ISR)
15Nadav Aviv Niddam11/04/2001Midfield 8080 Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
16Amit Meir07/01/2001Midfield73* 58* Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
17Eyal Einbrom03/09/2001Forward30+80 Hapoel Petach-Tikva FC (ISR)
18Roy Hen Baranes07/12/2001Goalkeeper Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
19Nir David Drori25/12/2001Defender20+80
20Ravve Assayag01/05/2001Forward7+ Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (ISR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Israel team analysis

Formation in attack:Israel team analysisFormation in defence:Israel team analysis

Key features – Israel

• 1-4-2-3-1 with fast transitions to 1-4-4-1-1 or 1-5-4-1 defending
• Compact, well-organised deep defensive block with twin midfield screen
• Patient build-up from keeper and back four; combination play through thirds
• Emphasis on attacking through wide areas with full-backs pushing up
• Good diagonal runs by strikers between centre-backs and full-backs
• Effective occasional use of wrong-footed wingers; infield runs, crosses
• Well-organised defending at set plays; good aerial ability

Head coach: Gadi Brumer (05/11/1973)