Team analysis



1Jørgen Johnsen19/04/2001Goalkeeper Strømsgodset IF (NOR)
2Leo Cornic02/01/2001Defender808063*66*1 Vålerenga Fotball (NOR)
3Harald Martin Hauso11/03/2001Defender44+8080 Vålerenga Fotball (NOR)
4Martin Helmer Rusten04/03/2001Defender8036* Stabæk Fotball (NOR)
5Sander Eng Strand06/05/2001Midfield Ham-Kam Fotball (NOR)
6Thomas Rekdal16/03/2001Midfield808040*802 Fredrikstad FK (NOR)
7Harald Tangen02/01/2001Midfield1+ 40+ Viking FK (NOR)
8Kristoffer Askildsen09/01/2001Midfield5+8040+ Stabæk Fotball (NOR)
9Noah Jean Holm23/05/2001Forward79*64*80 RB Leipzig (GER)
10Oscar Aga06/01/2001Forward24+16+8014+1 Stabæk Fotball (NOR)
11Kornelius Hansen06/05/2001Forward56*75*8080 Southampton FC (ENG)
12Rasmus Sandberg23/04/2001Goalkeeper80808080 Rosenborg BK (NOR)
13Bjørn Mæland24/02/2001Midfield Odds BK (NOR)
14Ole Martin Kolskogen20/01/2001Defender80808080 Asane (NOR)
15Sander Christiansen29/04/2001Midfield8080 40* SK Brann (NOR)
16Joshua Kitolano03/08/2001Midfield808040*80 Odds BK (NOR)
17Runar Hauge01/09/2001Forward 17+ FK Bodø/Glimt (NOR)
18Mathias Kjølø27/06/2001Midfield 40+ PSV Eindhoven (NED)
19Josef Brian Baccay29/04/2001Forward80808080 Lillestrøm SK (NOR)
21Jonathan Lein Valberg15/01/2001Defender80808080 Levanger FK (NOR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Norway team analysis

Formation in attack:Norway team analysisFormation in defence:Norway team analysis

Key features – Norway

• 1-3-5-2 with 6 Rekdal screening the three centre-backs
• Passing game with diagonal switches; not much possession in own half
• Wing-backs active in attack; quick to retreat into 1-5-3-2 defending
• Compact, narrow defending with pressing mostly from middle third
• Use of direct back-to-front deliveries; winning of second ball
• Good set plays using aerial power of centre-backs, free-kicks by Rekdal
• Athletic, powerful players; strong challenges, spirit, mental resilience

Head coach: Gunnar Halle (11/08/1965)