Team analysis



1João Monteiro07/05/2001Goalkeeper808080 SL Benfica (POR)
2Tomás Tavares07/03/2001Defender808080 SL Benfica (POR)
3Tiago Matos22/01/2001Defender FC Porto (POR)
4Levi Faustino31/08/2001Defender808080 FC Porto (POR)
5Rafael Brito19/01/2002Defender 40+28+ SL Benfica (POR)
6Henrique Jocu09/09/2001Defender808080 SL Benfica (POR)
7Umaro Embaló06/05/2001Forward 34+80 SL Benfica (POR)
8Nuno Cunha11/01/2001Midfield58* SL Benfica (POR)
9Eduardo Ribeiro14/01/2001Forward14+77*47*1 SC Braga (POR)
10Rodrigo Valente15/02/2001Midfield FC Porto (POR)
11Jair Tavares13/02/2001Forward73*46* SL Benfica (POR)
12Gonçalo Tabuaço11/03/2001Goalkeeper Vitória SC (POR)
13Francisco Saldanha19/03/2001Defender808080 SL Benfica (POR)
14João Ferreira22/03/2001Defender8040*52* SL Benfica (POR)
15Bernardo Silva31/05/2001Midfield22+80801 SL Benfica (POR)
16Félix Correia22/01/2001Forward8080801 Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)
17Henrique Pereira15/02/2002Forward7+ SL Benfica (POR)
18Rodrigo Fernandes23/03/2001Midfield808061* Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR)
19Fábio Silva19/07/2002Forward66* 33+ FC Porto (POR)
20Gonçalo Ramos20/06/2001Midfield 3+19+1 SL Benfica (POR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Portugal team analysis

Formation in attack:Portugal team analysisFormation in defence:Portugal team analysis

Key features – Portugal

• 1-4-3-3 with wingers dropping quickly back into 1-4-1-4-1 defending
• Possession game based on fluent combinations through the thirds
• Holding midfielder 6 Jocu distributing to wide areas and striker
• Wingers with 1v1 skills, cutting in to open spaces for overlapping full-backs
• Diagonal runs from midfield into channels between centre-backs and full-backs
• Patient play after ball-winning; only keeper launching fast counters
• Occasional high pressing; usually pushed opponents wide to press strongly

Head coach: Rui Bento (14/01/1972)