Team analysis



1Arnau Tenas30/05/2001Goalkeeper80808080 FC Barcelona (ESP)
2Richard Dionkou10/10/2001Defender 5+ Manchester City FC (ENG)
3Miguel Gutiérrez27/07/2001Defender80808073*1 Real Madrid CF (ESP)
4Eric García09/01/2001Defender808080802 Manchester City FC (ENG)
5Ismael Armenteros07/04/2001Defender80808080 Real Madrid CF (ESP)
6Iván Morante15/01/2001Midfield8069*8080 CD Roda (ESP)
7Alejandro Baena Rodríguez20/07/2001Forward8070*55*2 CD Roda (ESP)
8Arnau Puigmal10/01/2001Forward72*50*78*80 Manchester United FC (ENG)
9Sergio Camello10/02/2001Forward 13+ 25+ Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
10Nabil Touaizi01/02/2001Forward8067*80801 Manchester City FC (ENG)
11Bryan Gil11/02/2001Forward65*30+75*80 Sevilla FC (ESP)
12Xavi Estacio24/03/2001Defender80808080 Valencia CF (ESP)
13Joan García04/05/2001Goalkeeper RCD Espanyol (ESP)
14Alejandro Pérez Cea07/01/2001Defender 2+ RCD Espanyol (ESP)
15Xavier Sintes05/08/2001Midfield80 10+
16Oscar Castro20/06/2001Midfield 80 Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
17Jon Pacheco Dozagarat08/01/2001Defender1+ Real Sociedad de Fútbol (ESP)
18Adrian Bernabe26/05/2001Midfield8+11+ 7+ FC Barcelona (ESP)
19Nils Mortimer11/06/2001Forward15+ 8033+1 FC Barcelona (ESP)
20Víctor Mollejo21/01/2001Forward80*8047* Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Spain team analysis

Formation in attack:Spain team analysisFormation in defence:Spain team analysis

Key features – Spain

• 1-4-3-3 with wingers dropping quickly into 1-4-4-2 compact high defending
• High-tempo passing game, mixing short combinations, long passes to wingers
• Possession football based on strong technique, ability in tight situations
• Good use of wide areas by two left-footed wingers, overlapping full-backs
• Composed build-up, often starting with keeper or centre-backs
• Positional rotation in midfield; good passing options for ball-carrier
• Immediate collective high pressing when attacks break down

Head coach: Santi Denia (09/03/1974)