Team analysis



1Simon Andersson15/01/2001Goalkeeper80808080 Halmstads BK (SWE)
2Isac Larsson01/02/2001Defender 4+ Halmstads BK (SWE)
3Adam Ben Lamin02/06/2001Defender AIK (SWE)
4Helmer Andersson08/09/2001Defender80808080 Örebro SK (SWE)
5Hampus Svensson23/05/2001Defender80808073* Kalmar FF (SWE)
6Teodor Stenshagen11/02/2001Defender7+ 1+ GIF Sundsvall (SWE)
7Fredrik Hammar26/02/2001Midfield8070*79*802 IF Brommapojkarna (SWE)
8Kevin Ackermann24/05/2001Midfield80808080 BK Häcken (SWE)
9Alex Timossi Andersson19/01/2001Forward73*8068*80 Helsingborgs IF (SWE)
10Manasse Kusu22/12/2001Midfield52*808047* IFK Norrköping (SWE)
11Jack Lahne24/10/2001Forward19+ 12+33+ IF Brommapojkarna (SWE)
12Kristoffer Westerberg25/04/2001Goalkeeper IF Brommapojkarna (SWE)
13Amel Mujanic01/04/2001Midfield28+10+22+33+ Malmö FF (SWE)
14Rasmus Wikström18/03/2001Defender808080801 IFK Göteborg (SWE)
15Sylvin Kayembe06/06/2001Midfield61*23+58*47* IK Sirius (SWE)
16Benjamin Nygren08/07/2001Forward808080801 IFK Göteborg (SWE)
17Noah Alexandersson30/09/2001Midfield 7+ IFK Göteborg (SWE)
18Julian Larsson21/04/2001Forward 57* AIK (SWE)
19Victor Backman16/03/2001Midfield Kalmar FF (SWE)
20Samuel Olsson13/05/2001Defender8076*8076 IFK Göteborg (SWE)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Sweden team analysis

Formation in attack:Sweden team analysisFormation in defence:Sweden team analysis

Key features – Sweden

• 1-4-4-2 moving into 1-4-2-4 when ball with centre-backs or keeper
• Fast transitions into two deep, compact defensive banks of four
• Hard work off the ball to press, win ball in mid-defensive thirds
• Aggressive defending; competent keeper, bravely collecting under pressure
• Interchange of passes at back followed by long forward passing
• Good wing play; adventurous full-backs, neat passes into interior channels
• Strong collective virtues, team spirit; dangerous set plays

Head coach: Roger Franzén (17/07/1964)