Team analysis



1Lazar Slavkovic03/03/2002Goalkeeper8080 FK Partizan (SRB)
2Stefan Radmanovac08/11/2001Defender808080 FK Partizan (SRB)
3Matija Gočobija18/01/2001Defender
4Kristijan Belić25/03/2001Midfield8080 West Ham United FC (ENG)
5Bojan Balaž05/01/2001Defender808080 FK Partizan (SRB)
6Strahinja Eraković22/01/2001Defender808080 FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
7Marko Dedijer08/05/2001Forward26+47*54* FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
8Ivan Ilić17/03/2001Midfield16* FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
9Borisav Burmaz21/04/2001Forward8027+40+ FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
10Milutin Vidosavljević21/02/2001Forward54*40+80 FK Čukarički (SRB)
11Dragoljub Savić25/04/2001Forward70*33+40* FK Vojvodina (SRB)
12Luka Krstović31/05/2001Goalkeeper 80 FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
13Nikola Marjanović21/05/2001Midfield FK Partizan (SRB)
14Danilo Mitrović23/03/2001Defender808080 FK Vojvodina (SRB)
15Martin Novaković05/01/2001Midfield 8080 FK Partizan (SRB)
16Djordje Jovanović07/01/2001Defender64+ 80 FK Brodarac (SRB)
17Njegoš Kupusović22/02/2001Forward 40*26+ FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
18Jovan Đermanović21/02/2001Forward10+53* VfB Stuttgart (GER)
19Dejan Zukić07/05/2001Midfield 8040* FK Vojvodina (SRB)
20Bogdan Jocic11/01/2001Midfield80 40+ FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Serbia team analysis

Formation in attack:Serbia team analysisFormation in defence:Serbia team analysis

Key features – Serbia

• 1-4-2-3-1 with switches to 1-4-4-2 and 1-3-4-3 when chasing results
• 1-4-4-1-1 deep defending; spells of aggressive high collective pressing
• Frequent use of counterattacks, direct supply to front men
• Narrow attacking with wide players cutting in, limited support from full-backs
• Set out to build through thirds when not under pressure
• Dangerous set plays; strength, athletic qualities, aerial dominance
• Good tactical flexibility; strong team spirit and work ethic

Head coach: Ivan Jevic (23/07/1975)