Team analysis



1Domen Gril10/06/2001Goalkeeper8080 NK Bravo (SVN)
2Matevž Matko09/10/2001Defender808032* NK Bravo (SVN)
3Mark Španring13/06/2001Defender 48+ NK Krško (SVN)
4Matija Burin25/03/2001Defender808080 NK Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN)
5Andraž Lipec06/12/2001Defender NK Krško (SVN)
6Rok Maher20/07/2001Midfield808080 NK Maribor (SVN)
7Martin Pečar05/07/2002Forward65*56*80 NK Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN)
8Jošt Urbančič12/04/2001Midfield808080 NK Domžale (SVN)
9Nik Prelec10/06/2001Forward8067* UC Sampdoria (ITA)
10Tamar Svetlin30/07/2001Midfield808020 NK Domžale (SVN)
11Renato Simič17/05/2001Forward8061*40* ACF Fiorentina (ITA)
12Alen Jurca15/01/2001Goalkeeper 80 NK Maribor (SVN)
13Anže Pucihar05/03/2001Midfield 19+ Pescara (ITA)
14Rok Frešer02/03/2001Midfield22+40*40+ NK Maribor (SVN)
15Luka Verbič29/11/2001Defender NK Maribor (SVN)
16Omar Kocar06/06/2001Midfield58* 80 GNK Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)
17Mirko Mutavčić29/01/2001Midfield808080 NK Maribor (SVN)
18Gašper Koritnik06/01/2001Forward22+ NK Krško (SVN)
19Nino Kukovec06/05/2001Forward58*24+13+ NK Maribor (SVN)
20Žiga Repas29/05/2001Midfield15+40+ NK Domžale (SVN)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Slovenia team analysis

Formation in attack:Slovenia team analysisFormation in defence:Slovenia team analysis

Key features – Slovenia

• 1-4-3-3 switching to 1-4-2-3-1 v Portugal with twin midfield screen
• Possession game focused on fast ball circulation in central third
• When under pressure, long passing to striker and second-ball approach
• Wide players cutting in to support attempts to penetrate through middle
• 10 Svetlin the catalyst, dropping deep to receive, linking construction play
• Fast transitions to 1-4-1-4-1 defending after loss of possession
• Well-organised compact unit; paid price for lapses of concentration

Head coach: Perica Ognjenović (24/02/1977)