Draw starts race to Estonia

Forty-eight teams will enter the qualifying round draw for the 2011/12 edition, with England, France and Spain given byes to the elite round and hosts Estonia going straight to the finals.

The 2012 finals are in Estonia
The 2012 finals are in Estonia ©Sportsfile

The 2011/12 UEFA European Under-19 Championship qualifying round draw will take place at 10.00CET on 30 November with 48 sides involved – watch the draw.

While hosts Estonia have their finals place assured and top-ranked nations England, France and Spain receive byes to the elite round, the remaining entrants will compete to reach the second stage in autumn 2011. They will be drawn into 12 groups of four with each section containing two teams from each of two seeding pots of 24 nations, based on their coefficients.

Each group will be played as a one-venue mini-tournament with the hosts appointed after the draw. The top two in each group plus the third-placed team with the best record against the leading pair in their section join the top three seeds in the elite round in spring 2012, which will produce seven finalists to join Estonia.

First qualifying round draw pots
Pot A: Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Scotland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Iceland

Pot B: Finland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Montenegro, Albania, Wales, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Malta, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Andorra, San Marino