Top scorer bonus for Spain's Borja Mayoral

Borja Mayoral's goal in the decider meant he was the top scorer at the finals in Greece, while Russia forward Ramil Sheydaev's 12 for the season is a new U19 best.

Spain's Borja Mayoral with the Under-19 trophy and the top scorers' award

Real Madrid's Borja Mayoral set Spain on the way to victory in the UEFA European Under-19 Championship final, and scooped the tournament top scorers' prize too.

Mayoral's third goal at the final tournament moved him clear of the nine players who scored twice in Greece. Among that number was Russia's Ramil Sheydaev, who set a new mark for the season overall, qualifying included. The Zenit man scored against Spain in the group stage and Greece in the semi-finals.

That latter strike took Sheydaev to 12 for the season, surpassing the previous record set by Serbia and Montenegro's Borko Veselinović and matched by Portugal's André Silva and Davie Selke of Germany in 2013/14. Selke also equalled the finals record with six last season, matching the total of Spain's Álvaro Morata in 2010/11.

Finals top scorers
3 Borja Mayoral (Spain)
2 Moussa Dembele (France)
2 Olexandr Zubkov (Ukraine)
2 Pelle van Amersfoort (Netherlands)
2 Marko Kvasina (Austria)
2 Aleksei Gasilin (Russia)
2 Marco Asensio (Spain)
2 Matías Nahuel (Spain)
2 Ramil Sheydaev (Russia)
2 Nikita Chernov (Russia)

Russia's Ramil Sheydaev celebrates his record-breaking 12th goal
Russia's Ramil Sheydaev celebrates his record-breaking 12th goal©Sportsfile

2014/15 top scorers (qualifying included)
12 Ramil Sheydaev (Russia)
7 Marko Kvasina (Austria)
7 Borja Mayoral (Spain)
5 Marco Asensio (Spain)
5 Federico Bonazzoli (Italy)
5 Nicolas Hunziker (Switzerland)
5 Abdelhak Nouri (Netherlands)
5 Patrick Roberts (England)
5 Pelle van Amersfoort (Netherlands)
5 Tomáš Vestenický (Slovakia)
5 Timo Werner (Germany)
5 Olexandr Zubkov (Ukraine)

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Germany's Davie Selke with the top scorers' trophy in 2014
Germany's Davie Selke with the top scorers' trophy in 2014©Sportsfile

Finals top scorers (by season)
2001/02: Fernando Torres (Spain) 4
2002/03: Paulo Sérgio (Portugal) 5
2003/04: Ali Oztürk (Turkey), Lukasz Piszczek (Poland) 4
2004/05: Borko Veselinović (Serbia and Montenegro) 5
2005/06: Alberto Bueno (Spain), İlhan Parlak (Turkey) 5
2006/07: Anis Ben-Hatira (Germany), Kévin Monnet-Paquet (France), Kostantinos Mitroglou (Greece) 3
2007/08: Tomáš Necid (Czech Republic) 4
2008/09: Nathan Delfouneso (England) 4
2009/10: Daniel Pacheco (Spain) 4
2010/11: Álvaro Morata (Spain) 6
2011/12: Jesé Rodríguez (Spain) 5
2012/13: Anass Achahbar (Netherlands), Alexandre Guedes (Portugal), Gratas Sirgėdas (Lithuania) 3
2013/14: Davie Selke (Germany) 6

Season top scorers
2001/02: Kevin Vandenbergh (Belgium) 10
2002/03: Sébastien Grax (France) 9
2003/04: Olexandr Aliyev (Ukraine), Ali Oztürk (Turkey), Lukasz Piszczek (Poland) 8
2004/05: Borko Veselinović (Serbia and Montenegro) 11
2005/06: İlhan Parlak (Turkey) 10
2006/07: Kostas Mitroglou (Greece), Krisztián Németh (Hungary), Adam Rooney (Republic of Ireland) 8
2007/08: Michail Pavlis (Greece) 7
2008/09: Nathan Delfouneso (England), Yacin Brahimi (France) 7
2009/10: Mattia Destro (Italy) 8
2010/11: Álvaro Morata (Spain) 10
2011/12: Betinho (Portugal) 10
2012/13: Anass Achahbar (Netherlands) 9
2013/14: André Silva (Portugal), Davie Selke (Germany) 11