Leagues for new U19 format: 2020–22 round 1

The draw for round 1 of the new U19 format, leading to the 2022 finals, will be held on 3 December.

Leagues for new U19 format: 2020–22 round 1

The leagues for round 1 of the new UEFA Nations League-style UEFA European Under-19 Championship have been confirmed with the draw on 3 December in Nyon.

A new format begins in autumn 2020, with four rounds of one-venue mini-tournaments, including promotion and relegation, leading to the 2022 finals in Slovakia, replacing the current one-season qualifying system.

In round 1, the 54 entrants have been split into Leagues A (20 teams), B (16 teams) and C (18 teams), based on the U19 coefficient rankings based on performances in the competition from 2015/16–2018/19. All teams will be then drawn into groups of four within their leagues except in League C, which has three groups of four and two of three.

Within each league, teams have been split into two pots (League A – ten in each; League B – eight in each; League C – ten in one, eight in the other). In Leagues A and B, each group will contain two teams from each pot. In League C, each group will contain two teams from the higher Pot 5, with two from Pot 6 in the three four-team groups and one each in the two three-team groups.

Based on previous decisions by the UEFA Executive Committee and UEFA Emergency Panel, Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot be drawn in the same group in League C.

Hosts will be appointed after the draw for each mini-tournament, to be completed by November 2020. In all, five teams will be promoted from League B to A (and an equal number relegated), with four promoted from League C to B (and an equal number relegated), in time for the December 2020 round two draw, with those games to be held in spring 2021.

Round 1 draw: Leagues and seeding pots

League A

Pot 1: Portugal, France, England, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Republic of Ireland

Pot 2: Norway, Turkey, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia

League B

Pot 3: Scotland, Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, Slovenia, Georgia

Pot 4: Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Bosna and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Wales, Latvia, Iceland

League C

Pot 5: Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Belarus, Armenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Malta, Albania, Kazakhstan

Pot 6: Andorra, Luxembourg, Moldova, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Gibraltar, San Marino

Round 1: promotion and relegation


  • From League B to A: the four group winners plus best runner-up
  • From League C to B: all group winners plus runners-up depending on number of entries


  • From League A to B: the five teams ranked fourth in their groups
  • From League B to C: the five teams ranked fourth in their groups plus lowest-ranked third-placed teams

The same system will work for round 2. Teams in League C after round 2 play no further part, while finals hosts Slovakia will also play no further part until the July 2022 final tournament, their seven opponents decided after two more sets of mini-tournaments in autumn 2021 (Leagues A and B) and spring 2022 (League A only). The final tournament will also act as Europe's qualifier for the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Mini-tournament dates: 2020-2022 competition

Round 1: By 17 November 2020 – drawn on 3 December 2019
Round 2: By 8 June 2021 – draw in December 2020
Round 3: 30 August-7 September or 4-12 October or 8-16 October 2021 – drawn in June/July 2021
Round 4: 21-29 March 2022 – drawn in December 2021
Final tournament (Slovakia): July 2022 – drawn after round 4 complete

  •  In principle, each round would be played at similar points of the calendar in each successive two-year cycle.