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Serbia Under-19 squad and staff
1Predrag Rajković31/10/1995Goalkeeper9090 12090 FK Jagodina (SRB)
2Petar Golubović13/07/1994Defender9090 12090 OFK Beograd (SRB)
3Slobodan Urošević15/04/1994Defender23+ 9052+1+ FK Rad (SRB)
4Sergej Milinković-Savić27/02/1995Midfield9090 12090 FK Vojvodina (SRB)
5Nikola Anti��04/01/1994Defender67*909068*90 FK Rad (SRB)
6Aleksandar Filipović20/12/1994Defender90909012090 FK Jagodina (SRB)
7Ognjen Ožegović09/06/1994Forward 2+90 2+ FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
8Dejan Meleg01/10/1994Midfield1+28+9058+22+1 AFC Ajax (NED)
9Uroš Djurdjević02/03/1994Forward90*88*9079*88*1 FK Rad (SRB)
10Marko Pavlovski07/02/1994Midfield89*62*9012090*1 OFK Beograd (SRB)
11Andrija Luković24/10/1994Midfield909062*68*2 FK Rad (SRB)
12Stefan Čupić07/05/1994Goalkeeper 90 OFK Beograd (SRB)
13Mijat Gaćinović08/02/1995Midfield 31+41+ 1 FK Vojvodina (SRB)
14Aleksandar Mitrović16/09/1994Forward9090 120901 FK Partizan (SRB)
15Miloš Veljković26/09/1995Defender90909012090 Tottenham Hotspur (ENG)
16Milan Vojvodić20/01/1994Midfield1+ 90
17Aleksandar Čavrić18/05/1994Forward 59* OFK Beograd (SRB)
18Nemanja Maksimović26/01/1995Midfield9090 12090 Getafe CF (ESP)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Ljubinko Drulović
These boys deserve to be their country's heroes; they deserve to be champions. This is definitely the biggest footballing success in Serbia's history. They will all have big careers in football. They have been fantastic from the very beginning and I believed in them since then. Our players have strong characters and that is what decided the tournament in their favour. I am very happy as the coach who chose these boys a year ago. We have crowned this year; winning the European championship has been one big dream for all of us. I had a long career as a player. I played at a World Cup and a European Championship, but this is the biggest win of my career because it's the first trophy I have won with Serbia.

Serbia team analysis

Serbia team analysis

• Basic formation 4-2-3-1, with Sergej Milinković-Savić (No4) and Nemanja Maksimović (No18) the screening pair; switched to 4-3-3 in attack

• Good goalkeeper in Predrag Rajković (No1)

• Deep, compact defensive block and fast transition from defence to attack

• Active full-backs, especially Petar Golubović (No2)

• Effective triangle in the middle involving Sergej Milinković-Savić (No4), Nemanja Maksimović (No18) and captain Marko Pavlovski (No10), the latter very attack- minded

• Top finisher, lone striker who was very strong in Aleksandar Mitrović (No14)

• Aerial dominance

• Good links between the team lines

• High fitness and strength levels allied to a strong team ethic, committed defending and excellent spirit

• Well-executed set plays