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Hungary squad
1Alex Hrabina05/04/1995Goalkeeper90 Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC (HUN)
3Attila Talabér29/05/1996Defender46*9059* MTK Budapest (HUN)
4Bence Lenzsér09/04/1996Defender 9090 Győri ETO FC (HUN)
5Krisztián Tamás18/04/1995Defender909090 AC Milan (ITA)
6Dávid Bobál31/08/1995Defender90 Budapest Honvéd FC (HUN)
7Zoltán Medgyes23/07/1995Midfield90 31+ Szombathelyi Haladás (HUN)
8Bence Mervó05/03/1995Midfield36+44+84*1 Győri ETO FC (HUN)
9Gergely Bobál31/08/1995Forward54* 16+ Budapest Honvéd FC (HUN)
10Márió Németh01/05/1995Midfield9046*6+ Szombathelyi Haladás (HUN)
11Dávid Forgács29/06/1995Midfield 65* Atalanta BC (ITA)
12György Székely02/06/1995Goalkeeper 9090 TSV 1860 München (GER)
13Norbert Balogh21/02/1996Forward13+9074*1 Debreceni VSC (HUN)
14Dominik Nagy08/05/1995Midfield909090 Ferencvárosi TC (HUN)
17Zoltán Farkas11/08/1995Forward77*46* Győri ETO FC (HUN)
18Donát Zsótér06/01/1996Midfield 44+90 Fehérvár FC (HUN)
19Zsolt Kalmár09/06/1995Midfield9090901 Győri ETO FC (HUN)
20Dávid Asztalos09/03/1995Defender909090 MTK Budapest (HUN)
23Szabolcs Varga17/03/1995Forward44+25+901 sc Heerenveen (NED)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Géza Mészöly
"After the first two games, I asked my players why we hadn't played with more commitment and why we hadn't fought until the last second. I made serious criticisms publicly – and even more so in the dressing room. After the third game, I could congratulate them on having become men. I felt proud that the team had responded under so much pressure. There were many valuable lessons that we will be able to use in our preparations for the World Cup." 

Hungary team analysis

Hungary team analysis

• 4-3-3 with single screening midfielder Nagy building from back

• Deep defensive block; rapid defence-to-attack transitions

• Mix of short combinations with long passing and solo runs through midfield

• Good game-opening diagonals; left-footed crossing by Varga

• Athletic players; aerial strength exploited at set plays (defence and attack)

• Well-balanced midfield triangle with Kalmar the creative catalyst

• Positional rotation in attack; aggressive pressing as from midfield