Team analysis

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

UEFA Under 19 Championship 2017 - Czech Republic Headshots
1Jan Plachý07/05/1998Goalkeeper FK Teplice (CZE)
3Matěj Chaluš02/02/1998Defender90909090 1. FK Příbram (CZE)
4Libor Holík12/05/1998Defender909090*901 SK Slavia Praha (CZE)
5Daniel Mareček30/05/1998Midfield89* 9090 AC Sparta Praha (CZE)
6Emil Tischler13/03/1998Midfield909083* 1. FC Slovácko (CZE)
7Daniel Turyna26/02/1998Forward72*10+81*904 AC Sparta Praha (CZE)
8Michal Sadílek31/05/1999Midfield90909090 PSV Eindhoven (NED)
9Ondřej Lingr07/10/1998Forward1+ 72* MFK Karviná (CZE)
10Ondřej Šašinka21/03/1998Forward90*28+90901 FC Baník Ostrava (CZE)
12Ondřej Novotný05/02/1998Forward18+ AC Sparta Praha (CZE)
13Alex Král19/05/1998Midfield90909090 FK Teplice (CZE)
14Filip Havelka21/01/1998Midfield90909090 FC Slovan Liberec (CZE)
15Ondřej Chvěja17/07/1998Midfield909067*18+ FC Baník Ostrava (CZE)
16Martin Jedlička24/01/1998Goalkeeper90909090 FK Mladá Boleslav (CZE)
18Denis Granečný07/09/1998Defender909023+ FC Baník Ostrava (CZE)
19Martin Graiciar11/04/1999Forward1+80*9+ 1 FC Slovan Liberec (CZE)
20Michal Hlavatý17/06/1998Midfield 62* 7+ FC Viktoria Plzeň (CZE)
21František Čech12/06/1998Defender 1+ FC Hradec Králové (CZE)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Jan Suchopárek (Czech Republic):

I've observed during qualification and also here there are lots of different trends – good defences, playing counterattacks. We can't tell that one trend is more effective for being successful; every game is different. I read [Pep] Guardiola's book that it is not so important to know how you want to play, but more important to know what kind of player I have in the team and adapt the tactics to this exact squad that we have. This is the role of a national team coach as he always has different players at his disposal.

Czech Republic team analysis

Czech Republic team analysisCzech Republic team analysis

• Basic formation 1-4-2-3-1 with compact defence and two screening midfielders and good links between lines.
• Effective use of full-backs, Libor Holík (4) and Daniel Mareček (5) advancing very high in possession.
• Excellent team organisation.
• Good, effective build-up play from the back.
• Dangerous in set places, with excellent delivery from Michal Sadílek (8) and finishing.
• Ondřej Šašinka (10) and Daniel Turyna (7) complement each other very well, with Šašinka a key player in link between midfield and attack.
• Frequent counterattacking, trying to create numerical superiority in all areas.
• Players always determined and focused.