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Italy squad U19
1Alessandro Plizzari12/03/2000Goalkeeper90909090120 AC Milan (ITA)
2Antonio Candela27/04/2000Defender66* 35+ 55+ Genoa CFC (ITA)
3Alessandro Tripaldelli09/02/1999Defender909055*9065* US Sassuolo Calcio (ITA)
4Gianmaria Zanandrea26/05/1999Defender90909090120 Juventus (ITA)
5Nicolò Zaniolo02/07/1999Midfield81*10+90*901201 AS Roma (ITA)
6Davide Bettella07/04/2000Defender90909090120 Atalanta BC (ITA)
7Davide Frattesi22/09/1999Midfield9+9090901201 US Sassuolo Calcio (ITA)
8Filippo Melegoni18/02/1999Midfield9086*1+25+59* Atalanta BC (ITA)
9Andrea Pinamonti19/05/1999Forward70* 905+45* FC Internazionale Milano (ITA)
10Christian Capone28/04/1999Midfield 65* 65*61+2 Atalanta BC (ITA)
11Gianluca Scamacca01/01/1999Forward9025+64*1202 US Sassuolo Calcio (ITA)
12Michele Cerofolini04/01/1999Goalkeeper ACF Fiorentina (ITA)
14Raoul Bellanova17/05/2000Defender24+909090120 AC Milan (ITA)
15Enrico Brignola08/07/1999Forward 90 74* Benevento (ITA)
16Andrea Marcucci07/02/1999Midfield 90 28+ AS Roma (ITA)
17Enrico Del Prato10/11/1999Defender Atalanta BC (ITA)
18Sandro Tonali08/05/2000Midfield904+909092* Brescia Calcio (ITA)
19Matteo Gabbia21/10/1999Midfield90 90 AC Milan (ITA)
20Moise Kean28/02/2000Forward20+80*26+85*75+4 Juventus (ITA)
21Alessandro Mallamo22/03/1999Midfield 16+ Atalanta BC (ITA)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Italy team analysis

Formation in attack:Italy team analysisFormation in defence:Italy team analysis

Key features – Italy

• 1-4-3-3 or 1-4-2-3-1 with lone striker or 1-4-4-2 with midfield diamond
• Tonali screening the back four, responsible for build-up, opening to wings
• Fast transitions to compact middle or low 1-4-5-1 or 1-4-4-2 defensive block
• Controlled build-up with possession play or fast, direct counterattacking
• Strikers wide to create overloads; active full-backs, especially Bellanova on right
• Well-drilled tactical repertoire adjusted to characteristics of opponent
• Compact, hardworking unit with defensive balance, excellent goalkeeping

Head coach: Paolo Nicolato (21/12/1966)