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UEFA provides national associations with state-of-the-art tactical filming solution

UEFA's new filming solution is helping national associations to facilitate both technical and tactical innovation.

UEFA's tactical filming aids national associations

UEFA's game-changing bespoke tactical filming solution has been assisting national associations throughout the summer.

UEFA has captured over 100 games from the Women's Under-17s through to the Under-21 EURO, sharing all footage on a central platform. National associations are granted access to live tactical footage, instant post-match data and match reports.

"The way we are doing it right now, we are state of the art," said Frank Ludolph, head of technical development at UEFA. "We are bringing in different external providers as well to help us to have the best analytical tools at our disposal. The way the analysis is presented today is a massive step forward."

National teams have previously shared footage amongst themselves, but UEFA's new database ensures a level playing field. Atle Rosseland, performance analyst supervisor at UEFA, said: "For us it was really important to develop a solution which was agnostic and that can help all the nations regardless of their infrastructure to ensure we can raise the level of analysis and technical development."

The service helps to facilitate both technical and tactical innovation and will be improved and developed at UEFA youth tournaments in years to come.

"Compared to previous U21 tournaments this is a massive step up; it's allowed us to do our jobs so much easier rather than chasing around for footage," said James Ryder, England Under-21s lead performance analyst, during the 2023 tournament in Georgia and Romania. "UEFA providing that central platform has been excellent. We're able to see a lot more, do it quicker and get it to the players quicker."

Alberto de la Fuente, performance analyst for Spain U21s, added: "It makes it a lot easier for us during games. We cut sections of the game and specific footage, and we're in constant contact with the bench. At half-time we share footage with the players; Santi [Denia, Spain coach] might want to highlight something or to correct an element of our game and he can use footage at half-time."