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Marley hails Everton as coaches reflect

Mo Marley put Everton's superb comeback at Brøndby IF down to a half-time team talk as rounds up the reaction from the coaches of all ten clubs in last-16 action on Wednesday.

Duisburg celebrate scoring against Fortuna
Duisburg celebrate scoring against Fortuna ©FCR 2001 Duisburg

Everton manager Mo Marley said a half-time team talk was the key to her side coming from behind to win 4-1 at Brøndby IF and take control of their UEFA Women's Champions League round of 16 tie. rounds up the reaction from all five of Wednesday's games, which included wins for FCR 2001 Duisburg and holders 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam.

Brøndby IF 1-4 Everton
Peer Lisdorf, Brøndby coach

In the first half all our players kept the deals we made prior to the match and everybody performed well. We talked about challenging their left-back and that is where we got our goal – and several other chances. After the equaliser our players became nervous and maybe I should not have made the substitutions I made. In the second half Everton outran us and we looked inferior to them. We should have passed the ball around more – playing instead of running, but Everton are a good team and they made it difficult for us. Now we face a very tough task in Liverpool next week and I am really sad they got the two last goals which made their victory too big I think.

Mo Marley, Everton manager
We started out slowly in the first ten to 15 minutes and we looked shaky in our defensive lines. After Brøndby's goal we were sharper and recovered quite well. It became a quite tight match in the first half especially and it could easily have gone either way. At half-time we talked about setting the initiative in the match – we had to use the ball better and work harder. Tactically the team performed very well as a whole. Midfield and defence dominated more and more as the match progressed.

FCR 2001 Duisburg 4-2 Fortuna Hjørring
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, Duisburg coach
In the first half we had space to use the ball but did not exploit it enough. We shouldn't have let them back to 2-2, but we must accept that our opponents were very clinical. We ourselves could have scored more goals, but now we have to focus. I am convinced that we hold the cards to go through.

Flemming Nielsen, Fortuna coach
Congratulations to Duisburg on their well-earned victory, we were able to score but could not keep them out, we are not used to so much pressure on our goal. So the result is OK, our two goals mean we are still in the race.

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 7-0 SV Neulengbach
Bernd Schröder, Potsdam coach
The first half was not good, we knew that Neulengbach would be very defensive. We did not show what we can do. In the second half, things went better, even if we did not have space. After a 7-0 win we aren't complaining, but we should have scored more goals. The crowd of 1,200 was very good for the early kick-off time.

Sabine Brand, Neulengbach coach
It was the tough game we expected. We tried to stay in it, but we reached our limit and there are worlds between the teams, though we fought hard.

Røa IL 1-1 Zvezda-2005
Geir Kristian Nordby, Røa coach

I think we performed very well today but unfortunately three minutes into added time we conceded a goal, but we're still optimistic for the next game. In the first half we had to recover from the game that we lost at the weekend [ending their title hopes], and were getting ourselves into the match in the second half, we started to play more aggressively. The score was harsh on us, but it is our fault that we started to celebrate early.

Natalia Zinchenko, Zvezda coach
We have played very well, and should have scored more goals, but the finishing touch was just not good enough. The opponents created one chance in the game, and managed to score a good goal, but we fought back, and finally got the goal we deserved. Now we have time to prepare for the second leg, and we will have the advantage of home ground, because it is wider and longer than at Roa. We will do our best to qualify to the next round.

Linköpings FC 2-0 AC Sparta Praha
Jörgen Petersson, Linköping coach
We had a weak first half, where we allowed ourselves to fall into their tempo. But we talked about this at half-time and in the second we ran more and kept up a higher tempo. We attacked with more players and got forward more. We also had the wind on our backs, which was pretty strong today.

Dušan Žovinec, Sparta coach
The better team won. In first half our tactics worked, but unfortunately they got the first goal which made it very hard for us. They ran more than us, especially their attackers in the second half, which led to their second goal. It's disappointing not to score away from home so it will be very hard in the return. Another problem for us is the goalkeeping issue. We already had three injured goalkeepers before the game and today our goalkeeper got injured at the end. We had to put our captain in goal and I don't know how we will solve this problem for next week.

Reporters: Rasmus Munch, Marc Uhlmann, Sergey Vorobyov, Andreas Dahlmann