Club analysis

Chelsea FC Women


Chelsea squad picture UWCL
1Hedvig Lindahl29/04/1983Goalkeeper90909090
2Maria Thorisdottir05/06/1993Defender909090
3Hannah Blundell25/05/1994Defender90909090
4Millie Bright21/08/1993Defender90909090
5Gilly Flaherty24/08/1991Defender 9+75*8+
7Gemma Davison17/04/1987Forward 9+7+
9Eniola Aluko21/02/1987Forward9+ 22+64*
10Ji So-Yun21/02/1991Midfield9081*9076*2
11Claire Rafferty11/01/1989Defender3+ 15+
14Francesca Kirby29/06/1993Forward87*81*9082*2
16Magdalena Ericsson08/09/1993Defender90909090
17Katie Chapman15/06/1982Midfield90909090
18Maren Mjelde06/11/1989Midfield90909090
21Deanna Cooper20/06/1993Defender
22Erin Cuthbert19/07/1998Midfield18+18+83*26+1
23Ramona Bachmann25/12/1990Forward81*90901
24Drew Spence23/10/1992Midfield72*72*68*14+
25Jade Bailey11/11/1995Midfield
28Carly Telford07/07/1987Goalkeeper
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Chelsea team analysis

tr_attackChelsea team analysistr_defenceChelsea team analysis

• 1-4-3-3 or 1-3-4-3 with two screening midfielders
• Emphasis on building from back; but long options when pressed
• Fast counterattacking based on direct supply to fast, powerful striker Kirby
• Bright the defensive leader, main distributor of forward passes from the back
• Ji So Yun the playmaker; close control with both feet, excellent vision
• Pressure on ball-carrier while team-mates retreat into defensive block
• Good use of wing play, notably by Bachmann’s fast runs on left
• Disciplined defending with good positional play to cut off passing lines
• Competent goalkeeping by Lindahl; good handling, accurate distribution
• Able to play high-tempo combinations; effective unit with strong team ethic

Emma Hayes (18/10/1976) head coach since 2012