Club analysis

VfL Wolfsburg


Wolfsburg squad picture UWCL
1Almuth Schult09/02/1991Goalkeeper90909090120
2Luisa Wensing08/02/1993Defender
3Zsanett Jakabfi18/02/1990Midfield33+9012+18+
4Nilla Fischer02/08/1984Defender90909090120
6Katharina Baunach18/01/1989Defender
7Sara Bjork Gunnarsdóttir29/09/1990Midfield9059*909057*2
8Babett Peter12/05/1988Defender
9Anna Blässe27/02/1987Midfield9019+61*90120
10Tessa Wullaert19/03/1993Forward65*902+10+74+
11Alexandra Popp06/04/1991Forward9031+909096
12Jana Burmeister06/03/1989Goalkeeper
15Anna-Lena Stolze08/07/2000Midfield14+
16Noelle Maritz23/12/1995Defender90909066*120
17Ewa Pajor03/12/1996Forward10+76*88*80*1203
21Lara Dickenmann27/11/1985Midfield57*90909089*1
22Pernille Harder15/11/1992Forward9090901204
24Joelle Wedemeyer12/08/1996Midfield 90 63+
26Caroline Graham Hansen18/02/1995Forward80* 78*72*46*1
27Isabel Kerschowski22/01/1988Midfield25+9029+24+31+
28Lena Goessling08/03/1986Midfield9071*9090120
29Merle Frohms28/01/1995Goalkeeper
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Wolfsburg team analysis

tr_attackWolfsburg team analysistr_defenceWolfsburg team analysis

• 1-4-2-3-1 with fast transitions to 1-4-4-2 or 1-3-5-2 in possession
• Strong wing play fuelled by long diagonals from keeper or centre-back
• Effective use of direct supply to striker Pajor, mobile across the front line
• Fischer the defensive organiser and team leader; tackling, aerial power
• Harder the free spirit in attack; runs, solo skills in wake of main striker
• Immediate high pressing after loss of ball; quick to re-organise in own half
• Graham Hansen moving well with and without ball; vision + finishing power
• Competent keeping by Schult; good handling, 1 v 1 ability; transmits confidence
• Mostly individual marking at set plays; aerial domination in both areas
• Strong all-round team with excellent athletic qualities, determination

Stephan Lerch (10/08/1984) head coach since 2017