Club analysis

FC Barcelona


Barcelona squad picture UWCL
1Laura Rafols23/06/1990Goalkeeper
3Ruth García26/03/1987Defender
4Marta Unzue04/07/1988Defender
5Melanie Serrano12/10/1989Defender9077*
6Vicky Losada05/03/1991Midfield83*72*
7Gemma Gili21/05/1994Midfield
8Marta Torrejón27/02/1990Defender9090
9Mariona Caldentey19/03/1996Midfield18+
10Olga García01/06/1992Forward
11Alexia Putellas04/02/1994Midfield14+90
12Patricia Guijarro17/05/1998Midfield90901
13Sandra Paños04/11/1992Goalkeeper9090
14María León13/06/1995Defender9090
16Toni Duggan25/07/1991Forward76*90
17Andressa Alves10/11/1992Forward66*
19Bárbara Latorre14/03/1993Defender18+
20Élise Bussaglia24/09/1985Midfield9090
21Natasha Andonova04/12/1993Midfield24+72*
22Lieke Martens16/12/1992Midfield9090
24Aitana Bonmati18/01/1998Midfield7+
27Perle Morroni15/10/1997Defender13+
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Barcelona team analysis

tr_attackBarcelona team analysistr_defenceBarcelona team analysis

• Compact 1-4-4-2 with one attacker operating in wake of main striker
• Fast combination play through the thirds; confident in possession
• Good off-the-ball movement in middle-to-front areas
• Martens the main attacking platform linking with striker Duggan
• Good, well-timed supporting runs from midfield
• Quick transitions to defensive block; mostly intense pressing in midfield
• Confident goalkeeping by 13 Paños; good short or long distribution
• Good cooperation between keeper and defenders in building from back
• Clever, well-organised set plays; mix of zonal, individual defending
• Clear playing philosophy, game plans implemented with confidence

Fran Sánchez (27/10/1977) head coach since 2017