Club analysis

Montpellier Hérault SC


Montpellier squad picture UWCL
4Marion Torrent17/04/1992Defender9090
5Laura Agard26/07/1989Defender 3+
6Anouk Dekker15/11/1986Midfield9087*
7Sakina Karchaoui26/01/1996Defender9090
8Sandie Toletti13/07/1995Midfield9079*
9Laëtitia Tonazzi31/01/1981Forward64*
10Sofia Jakobsson23/04/1990Forward90901
11Katrine Veje19/06/1991Midfield80*11+
12Casey Murphy25/04/1996Goalkeeper9090
14Virginia Torrecilla04/09/1994Midfield9090
15Stina Blackstenius05/02/1996Forward26+79*
17Janice Cayman12/10/1988Midfield89*90
18Marie-Charlotte Léger13/03/1996Forward10+
21Valérie Gauvin01/06/1996Forward1+90
23Linda Sembrant15/05/1987Defender9090
26Manon Uffren02/06/1997Midfield
29Clarisse Le Bihan14/12/1994Forward 11+
30Méline Gérard30/05/1990Goalkeeper
32Solene Champagnac31/05/1999Midfield
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Montpellier team analysis

tr_attackMontpellier team analysistr_defenceMontpellier team analysis

• 1-4-4-2 with switches to back line of three when chasing result
• Ready to play through thirds or, if pressed, hit passes to strikers
• Quick transitions in both directions; aggressive pressing in midfield
• Good at narrowing the pitch to force opponents to one side
• Wide attacking also based on creating overloads on one flank
• Two rotating strikers; one dropping deep or wide to receive
• Jakobsson tirelessly working across the front line; pace and 1 v 1 skill
• One central midfielder pushing into spaces created by Jakobsson
• Fluent combination play in final third but lack of finishing power
• Well-organised tactically mature unit with strong team ethic

Jean Louis Saez (14/04/1967) head coach from 2014