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Prepping and packing

We want you to have a great experience at UEFA Women’s EURO 2022. To help, we’ve put together a short guide of do’s and don’ts which includes items you might want to bring with you the stadium on matchday.

Check your bag size 👜

We don't allow bags larger than A4 inside the stadium. This rule applies to all UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 venues, regardless of whether a stadium normally has different rules for other events or football matches.

⚠️ Please make sure your bag is not bigger than 21.0 x 29.7 x 21.0 cm. Put your bag on a piece of paper to check if it's the right size. It's all about minimalism these days.


1. Use the UEFA Women's EURO 2022 app 📱

The Event Companion on the app will be your trusted companion for everything UEFA Women's EURO 2022. Log in with your UEFA account and turn on push notifications to make the most of your tournament experience. Get live updates for your matchday, travel alerts, interactive maps and the full schedule of all activities happening in the host city, so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

2. Make sure you have your match ticket 🎟️

The top item on your packing list!

• Most tickets for Women’s EURO will be mobile tickets, so make sure your phone is fully charged before heading to the stadium.
• If you have a print@home ticket, make sure you bring the A4 print-out with you on matchday. Always keep your match ticket in a safe place.

And don’t forget to bring your valid proof of ID, such as your passport.

Remember everyone will need a ticket, regardless of age. There is no minimum age for attendance, but if you’re under 16, you can only enter with an accompanying adult.

Not got your tickets yet? Got some but want more? Tickets are now on general sale.

3. Transfer your mobile match tickets BEFORE matchday ↔️

This is super important! If you have more than one match ticket, please transfer tickets to others in your group on the UEFA Mobile Tickets app well before matchday.

• On matchday between 11:00 – 11:30, your tickets will automatically be activated.
• After the activation time, you’ll need to open the UEFA Mobile Ticket app and connect to the internet just once so you can load your match ticket with the QR code revealed.
• Once tickets have been activated, they cannot be transferred anymore. This means, you’ll have to enter the stadium together if you haven't transferred your tickets.
• Now you're ready to go!

Do you have concession tickets?

If you’re attending the match with the kids, we recommend you don’t TRANSFER your tickets. Use the KEEP button in the app instead and enter the details of the children in your group.

4. Join the events and activities in Trafford and Manchester 🎉

This Women’s EURO is about more than the 90 minutes on the pitch – the streets of Trafford and Manchester will be buzzing with all things football during the tournament, so when you start to plan your trip, make some time to check out the Fan Party in Trafford all the Fan Festival events and activities taking place in Manchester.

5. Get to the stadium early 🏟️

There are plenty of reasons to arrive early – you wouldn’t want to miss a second of the action, would you? Even if the stadium is your second home, things may be a bit different than on usual match days. Leave yourself enough time to get to the venue and locate your entrance, soak up the pre-match atmosphere, go through security and bag checks to find your seat.

Gates for the opening match on 6 July open at 18:00 BST.

6. Use the entrance on your match ticket 🚪

Please only use the entrance indicated on your ticket otherwise you won't be able to access the stadium and will have to go back to find your designated entrance.

7. Show your colours 🎩

It's time to discover the artist in you – paint your banners and prepare your flags. They can be up to 2.0 x 1.5 metres. The maximum size of flexible flagpoles is 1m in length and 1cm in diameter. Get those costume ideas flowing. That ridiculous hat you never got around to wearing in public? The fancy dress you've been desperate to show off but haven't had the chance? Yep, now's the time! Don’t worry if you're more of a traditional type – your team's jersey and scarf will do.

8. Bring a small power bank 🔋

Charge your phone before arrival, but you may want to have a small power bank with you to be on the safe side. If you have a mobile ticket, you’ll need your phone to show it. The UEFA Women’s EURO mobile app will be your trusted companion throughout your tournament journey, and don't even get us started on all those photos and videos you'll be sharing on your socials.


1. Don't bring professional cameras 📸

Without a press pass, professional cameras or video cameras won't be allowed inside the stadium, so no need to worry about how you’ll fit one into your A4 size bag. This includes SLR cameras and cameras that look similar to SLRs. If in doubt, don't bring it along.

2. Don't bring cash 💳

Old Trafford is a cashless stadium so please bring credit cards, debit cards or mobile devices that allow contactless payment.

3. Don’t occupy seats that aren’t your own 💺

For UEFA Women's EURO 2022, every ticket will have a seat assigned to it. This may differ from what you're used to in some of the stadiums, so make sure you only occupy the seat listed on your ticket.

4. Don’t bring any food or drink 🍔

Food and drink can't be taken inside the stadium. That includes empty plastic bottles, snacks or any other type of food. But there will be plenty of options to choose from once you're inside. Check our guide for information on eating and drinking out in Trafford and Manchester.

5. Don't bring an umbrella ☂️

Umbrellas can't be taken inside the stadium. Pro-tip: buy a poncho instead. It's small enough to fit into your pocket and will prepare you for any summer showers coming your way. Please note, Old Trafford has a roof but fans in the front rows could get wet if it rains, particularly on windy days.

6. Don’t forget, no re-admission ⛔

Double check you have everything you need when entering the stadium. Once you have entered the stadium for your match don’t expect to leave to pick up your fancy dress outfit and then re-enter again.

7. Don't drink alcohol within the stadium bowl 🍻

Keep in mind it is against the law to consume alcohol within the stadium bowl or within sight of the pitch. Alcohol-free beers are also not permitted within the stadium bowl.

8. Don't forget to check the weather forecast ☀️

The English weather changes like, well... the English weather. Sunglasses and slathered on sunscreen or waterproofs and layers - check the weather forecast just to be safe. You can also bring sunscreen, just make sure the bottle is not larger than 50ml.

9. Don't smoke inside the stadium 🚭

The stadium operates a strict no smoking policy. This includes the use of tobacco and vaping products.

Top Tip

Check out our guide for Old Trafford, download the full stadium rules or visit the ticket FAQs for more info.