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Sweden's Schough playing at home

Eric Saade's anthem Winning Ground has competition from Dansa Fotboll by Systrarna Schough. UEFA.com spoke to one of the eponymous sisters: Sweden forward Olivia Schough.

Olivia Schough arrives for a (footballing) performance
Olivia Schough arrives for a (footballing) performance ©Sportsfile

Eric Saade's Winning Ground may be the official UEFA Women's EURO 2013 anthem but it has competition from Dansa Fotboll by Systrarna Schough.

One of the eponymous sisters, along with Matilda, Lovisa and Lydia, is Sweden's own forward Olivia Schough, described by her team-mates as a livewire, with assistant coach Lilie Persson, adding: "Something always happens when she's around, she raises the spirit in the squad." Olivia Schough is more than just a motivator, however. "I told [Kosovare] Asllani and [Lotta] Schelin, 'Look at how she makes her deep runs, the two of you could learn something from that'," said coach Pia Sundhage after handing the 22-year-old her first senior call-up at the Algarve Cup.

Before arriving in Gothenburg for Wednesday's semi-final with Germany, Schough and the squad had been staying in her home town of Falkenberg, while beating Italy and Iceland to progress. UEFA.com caught up with her just around the corner from the Schough family residence in Falkenberg.

UEFA.com: For the past week, the Sweden team has been staying in Falkenberg, your home town. What's that been like?

Olivia Schough: So. Much. Fun. I couldn't be happier than I am now. My dad lives just 500 metres away from here, so this is pretty much home for me. At the hotel we haven't had the TV channel to get all the games so I've gone over to dad's to watch some of them. I've taken my room-mate Jessica [Samuelsson] with me.

UEFA.com: Speaking of your family, the song Dansa Fotboll is played a lot these days...

Schough: Well, my sisters felt they wanted to contribute in whichever way they could. So a song was written which has since gone very big. They probably didn't think it would. Now they perform before matches and the team use the song in the dressing room to get psyched.

UEFA.com: Someone in the coaching staff told me that you joined your sisters and dad on stage for a performance the other night...

Schough: Yeah, it was in our team dining room. The Schough family performed there for everyone. It was a blast!

UEFA.com: Do you sing anything besides Dansa Fotboll?

Schough: Do you want me to give you the full list of tracks? We sang around ten songs. We perform quite a lot. We get booked for weddings and funerals and such. My dad is a full-time musician so that's how we've grown up.

UEFA.com: Do you play any instrument yourself?

Schough: A bit of guitar, but I'm not that good.

UEFA.com: In terms of football, you got to make your finals debut against Italy in Halmstad, which is also close to where you grew up. How was that?

Schough: It was magical, I got big-time shivers. There was quite a roar when I came off the bench. Really cool.

UEFA.com: Do you have any idea of how many in the crowd you knew from before?

Schough: No. But apparently a lot! At least they knew who I was. It would be cool to play in one of the larger stadiums at some point.

UEFA.com: Like Wednesday's semi-final, which is in Gothenburg - your present home.

Schough; It's magical that I get to experience my first major final tournament in my home town. Getting to do it in Sweden is cool in itself, but to be in Gothenburg and Falkenberg is simply fantastic.