Team facts: France

Team facts: France
Team facts: France ©Getty Images


EURO 2013: Quarter-finals

EURO best: Quarter-finals (2009, 2013)

How they qualified: Group 3 winners, W8 D0 L0 F27 A0 Pts24

Coach: Olivier Echouafni

One to watch: Wendie Renard (defender, Lyon)

What to watch out for: In terms of raw talent, France perhaps ought to have been the dominant nation in Europe inrecent years, rather than having suffered a series of quarter-final near-misses, at global level as well as in the past two EUROs. The UEFA Women's Champions League supremacy of Lyon, with a very similar squad to Les Bleues, is proof of that.

But it has not happened and three years after replacing Bruno Bini as coach, Philippe Bergeroo has himself made way for Olivier Echouafni. Can he help France turn their habitual superiority in big matches into goals? That is the key for the team who, on paper, should be Germany's strongest challengers.