Sweden 2013 tournament review out now

The UEFA Women's EURO 2013 tournament review is now available, documenting the memorable Swedish finals from footballing and organisational perspectives.

The UEFA Women's EURO 2013 tournament review is available now

UEFA Women's EURO 2013 set a new benchmark for women's football in Europe as record numbers enjoyed an enthralling tournament in Sweden.

Germany may have triumphed for a sixth successive time, but rising quality across the board made sure the outcome was never guaranteed. Off the pitch as well, new standards were attained, with record ticket sales and television viewing figures  complemented by the introduction of fan zones for the first time at a UEFA Women's EURO  ensuring the championship experience was savoured by more people than ever before.

The UEFA Women's EURO 2013 tournament review documents the event from both footballing and organisational perspectives in the technical report and the event report. The technical report presents a permanent record of the 25 games played during the Swedish finals while also offering reflections, statistics and debating points. The event report provides coverage of the commercial, marketing and broadcasting components which contributed to the success of a memorable 19-day showpiece staged in seven cities spread throughout the Scandinavian country.

"When describing any competition it is customary to wax lyrical with superlatives and extravagant adjectives," UEFA President Michel Platini says. "There is no denying, however, that UEFA Women's EURO 2013 set the bar extremely high and that European women's football is now a major sport on more than one account: the number of registered players, technical quality, public interest and media coverage."

The UEFA Women's EURO 2013 tournament review is available in English, French and German.