Norway no match for the Netherlands

Norway 1-3 Netherlands
Lynn Wilms, Kerstin Casparij and Williënne Ter Beek were on target at the Dutch got off to a positive start in Group B.

The Netherlands have got off to a winning start in the Czech Republic
©Nivo Sparta
  • Lynn Wilms flicks Romée Leuchter's corner on at near post to put Dutch ahead
  • Kerstin Casparij doubles lead from close range after another Leuchter cross
  • Olaug Tvedten halves deficit with a spectacular 40-metre free-kick
  • Williënne Ter Beek tucks away Kirsten Van De Westeringh's pass to restore cushion
  • Norway create chances in the second half, but the Dutch hold on for victory
  • Next games (Friday): Republic of Ireland v Norway, Netherlands v England