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Captain Björn introduces the Sweden squad

Which of the Sweden squad is the sun worshipper, who has to look perfect, what is Calle Barrling really like and who is an animal? Captain Nathalie Björn spills the beans.

Sweden captain Nathalie Björn at tournament HQ in Israel
Sweden captain Nathalie Björn at tournament HQ in Israel ©Sportsfile

Sweden have won the WU19 EURO for only the second time, beating Spain 3-1 in the final. Captain Nathalie Björn spills the beans introduces the 2015 champions.

1 Matilda Haglund (goalkeeper, Lidköping) 
She has a good throwing arm. She's a great communicator and my roomie, so I know her well! She's very funny and has a habit of always needing the bathroom in the middle of the night!

12 Emma Holmgren (goalkeeper, Sirius) 
As you saw from our penalty shoot-out against Germany she is great when it comes to mind games. Emma loves Swedish music and loves to sing and dance – loudly!

2 Ronja Aronsson (defender, Piteå) 
She's from Pitea, so has a really funny accent. We used to tease her a bit but she takes it well!

3 Julia Ekholm (defender, Bollstanäs) 
Julia is my centre-back partner and is really easy to play alongside. We've played together for a long time. She's very superstitious, so if she's having a good game she'll reuse the tape she's wearing on her legs and if it's going badly, she'll change it.

4 Nathalie Björn (defender, AIK) 
No comment. I'll just let the others suffer …

5 Lotta Ökvist (defender, Piteå) 
Also from Pitea, and she also has a funny accent! But we let her off because she has a great left foot.

13 Emelie Andersson (defender, QBIK) 
A defender for us, but a striker for her club so she's very versatile. She can be quiet, but when you get to know her she's great fun and very open. Always smiling!

6 Ellen Löfqvist (midfielder, Sundsvall) 
She always works hard; she runs a half-marathon every game, she's everywhere! As a player she has great shooting accuracy. She's turned into a sun worshipper here, and you'll always find her with sunglasses and her book.

Filippa Angeldal scores from the spot v Denmark
Filippa Angeldal scores from the spot v Denmark©Sportsfile

7 Tove Almqvist (midfielder, Linköping) 
She is very good one on one, and dribbles very well. She's always hyper! She gets excited about everything.

8 Filippa Angeldal (midfielder, AIK) 
Another great midfielder with a superb right foot … but I would say that as she's my best friend. Off the pitch she always has to win: cards, table tennis, anything – she has to win. We let her, just for a quiet life.

14 Anna Oskarsson (midfielder, Jitex) 
Anna is a fighter. She never gives up and is often the one who gets a ball in face and carries on as if nothing's happened. She's another with a competitive temperament!

15 Maja Göthberg (midfielder, Hovås) 
A reliable player with both feet, always looking to shoot. She's a shy girl, but is worth getting to know as she's very funny and sweet.

17 Emma Jansson (midfielder, Hammarby) 
Always the first to escape her marker, Emma's really fast. She's really superstitious and has so many habits, just like Julia. Her secret talent is that she can imitate the sound of a ping pong ball really well!

18 Michelle De Jongh (midfielder, Örebro) 
Michelle is another good runner and strong too, an aerial threat. She's a great singer, and posts videos of herself performing on Instagram.

11 Julia Zigiotti Olme (midfielder, AIK) 
Her temperament on the field shows she has Italian blood! She reads the game well, but always has to play with her hair plaited, and a hairband – perhaps that's the Italian in her as the rest of us are never that bothered.

16 Rebecka Blomqvist (midfielder, Kopparbergs/Göteborg) 
She can create goals from nothing. I've roomed with her before, and she is so easy-going.

Stina Blackstenius
Stina Blackstenius©Sportsfile

9 Stina Blackstenius (forward, Linköping) 
She's like an animal! Fast, strong and scores a lot of goals. Off the pitch she's quite shy, but can have her hyper moments too! Check out her manicure, she often paints her nails before matches.

10 Linda Hallin (forward, Örebro) 
A strong left winger who can turn quickly. Often found in her room, but you can still rely on her to get a party started!

Calle Barrling (coach) 
What can I say about Mr Barrling! He's a very good, inspirational coach. He gets us into the right mind-set but can be very authoritative. He's quite funny, but doesn't let us laugh at him for too long!