2021/22 Women's U19 round 1 latest

Round 1 of the new Women's U19 format is in progress with promotion and relegation at stake.

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Round 1 of the new UEFA Nations League-style UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship has begun with two groups played from 15 to 21 September and the rest between over the next week, involving a record 52 teams including debutants Andorra.

The new format replaces the old qualifying and elite rounds, still featuring one-venue mini-tournaments but now including two leagues with promotion and relegation leading to the 2022 finals in the Czech Republic (who will compete in the two rounds before automatically progressing to the final tournament). The competition returns after the 2019/20 and 2020/21 editions were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Round 1 groups


Group A1 (20–26 October): Netherlands*, Scotland, Austria, Ukraine

Group A2 (complete)
Stay in League A for round 2: France (holders), Sweden, Iceland
Transfer to League B: Serbia*

Group A3 (complete)
Stay in League A for round 2: Germany, Belgium, Russia*
Transfer to League B: Slovenia

Group A4 (20–26 October): Denmark*, Finland, Hungary, Turkey

Group A5 (20–26 October): Switzerland, England, Republic of Ireland*, Northern Ireland

Group A6 (19–25 October): Spain, Czech Republic (finals hosts), Portugal*, Slovakia

Group A7 (20–26 October): Norway, Italy*, Poland, Azerbaijan


Group B1 (20–26 October): Belarus*, Faroe Islands, North Macedonia, Cyprus

Group B2 (20–26 October): Greece, Bulgaria*, Lithuania, Kazakhstan

Group B3 (19–25 October): Wales, Albania, Moldova, Andorra*

Group B4 (20–26 October): Israel, Romania, Georgia, Malta*

Group B5 (19–25 October): Croatia*, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein

Group B6 (19–25 October): Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Montenegro, Estonia, Armenia

*Mini-tournament hosts

Competition system

Round 1 is deciding which teams are promoted and relegated ahead of round 2 in spring 2022.


  • From League B to A: the six group winners plus best runner-up.


  • From League A to B: the seven teams ranked fourth in their groups.

The round 2 draw will be held in late 2021, with the seven League A group winners in the spring joining the Czech Republic in the finals from 27 June to 9 July 2022. There will also be promotion and relegation between Leagues A and B ahead of round 1 for the 2022/23 edition. Seedings for the round 2 draw will be determined by the positions in which each team finishes in round 1.