Coaches contemplate last-four ties

Netherlands coach Hesterine de Reus will try "to surprise England" after downing Spain to top Group B, while France's Jean-Michel Degrange has last-four rivals Germany on his mind.

Shanice van de Sanden of the Netherlands in action against Spain's Marta Luna
Shanice van de Sanden of the Netherlands in action against Spain's Marta Luna ©Sportsfile

Netherlands coach Hesterine de Reus has already turned her thoughts to developing a "game plan to try to surprise" semi-final opponents England after her side defeated Spain 2-0 to top Group B. In the opposition camp, Ángel Vilda praised his players' efforts after they finished third behind France, whose coach Jean-Michel Degrange is now looking forward to tackling Germany in the last four. Les Bleuettes saw off the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 6-1 to secure their passage, and defeated tactician Dobrislav Dimovski said the hosts "gave everything".

Hesterine de Reus, Netherlands coach
Spain did a good job and made it very hard for us. Our strength in defence and our overall organisation on the pitch, together with five minutes of brilliance, won us the match. We are fortunate to have a player like Lieke Martens who has the ability to be in the right place at the right time – that's something which can never be taught. In fact, we have two of a kind, with Vanity Lewerissa. All the others, who deserve just as much credit, are willing to work really hard. You can't play football if you don't want to win and we will try to come up with a good game plan to try surprise England.

Ángel Vilda, Spain coach
We played very good football throughout the tournament but didn't enjoy the best of luck with the goals we conceded. Even though the results didn't go our way, the attitude of my players was good and the football we played was what we expected. The Netherlands are a good side who scored two spectacular goals, while we failed to convert six clear chances. The four teams that reached the semi-finals deserve to be there and the two matches will be a spectacle to watch.

Jean-Michel Degrange, France coach
We didn't control our own fate going into this last game. I wasn't as convinced as some other members of the backroom staff that the Netherlands would beat Spain because Spain gave us lots of problems at the end of our game with them. That's part of the tournament, though – there's nothing wrong with having a bit of luck from time to time. Germany will be another matter. Last year we played a very good match against them, even if we lost 2-1. They're not a particularly defensive team, so that should allow us to express ourselves, and I hope it will be a good game and a good advert for women's football.

Dobrislav Dimovski, FYROM coach
We knew France were favourites. The girls gave everything they had. This is a promising generation – a generation that's 15 and a half, 16 years old. At the start of the first half we made three bad mistakes that resulted in goals. That came from inexperience. The French scored because they are physically and tactically stronger and more experienced. Even though it was 6-1, I'm really pleased with how the girls played because France are a very good team.