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Finland Squad Portraits - UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship
1Vera Varis20/01/1994Goalkeeper90909090 FC Honka Espoo (FIN)
2Paula Auvinen24/09/1995Defender90909046* Pallokissat (FIN)
3Tiia Peltonen08/06/1995Defender90909090 PK-35 Vantaa (FIN)
4Katarina Naumanen24/07/1995Defender90909090 Pallokissat (FIN)
5Emma Koivisto25/09/1994Defender90909090 FC Honka Espoo (FIN)
6Emilia Iskanius14/04/1994Forward909090 Pallokissat (FIN)
7Iina Salmi12/10/1994Midfield80*90 44+ PK-35 Vantaa (FIN)
8Erika Winter12/03/1995Midfield9046*48+90 Pallokissat (FIN)
9Juliette Kemppi14/05/1994Forward61*83*87*902 Åland United (FIN)
10Julia Tunturi25/04/1996Midfield9071*79*82* FC TPS Turku (FIN)
11Adelina Engman11/10/1994Forward909090901 Åland United (FIN)
12Krista Moisio17/04/1994Goalkeeper Kokkola Futis 10 (FIN)
13Elina Salmi12/10/1994Defender 11+8+ PK-35 Vantaa (FIN)
14Sini Laaksonen05/03/1996Midfield 90 FC TPS Turku (FIN)
15Tia Hälinen18/02/1994Forward 7+ 44+ Kokkola Futis 10 (FIN)
16Ria Öling15/09/1994Forward10+19+9046* VIFK (FIN)
17Vera Saastamoinen02/05/1995Forward29+ 3+ HJK Helsinki (FIN)
18Ella-Rosa Huusko27/01/1994Forward 44+42* Pallokissat (FIN)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Marianne Miettinen
I couldn't be more proud of my team. They were really good at taking on advice and finding ways to play against different opponents. We had two '96-born players in central midfield and they took their responsibilities really well. We played three good games and won a ticket to Canada. The experience was fantastic for Finnish football and these players will be key players in the senior national team in a few years.

Finland team analysis

Finland team analysis

• 4-4-2 with twin midfield screen; switches to 4-1-3-2 when trailing

• Attacking philosophy with emphasis on swift combination play

• Quick, adventurous full-backs, especially Emma Koivisto (No5) on right

• High levels of technique and athleticism; fluent, flowing football

• Fast, direct attack led by Juliette Kemppi (No9), Adelina Engman (No11); long-range shooting by Iina Salmi (No7)

• High defensive line with formidable keeper Vera Varis (No1) covering behind

• Excellent collective qualities, mental strength, belief in playing style