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Norway Squad Portraits - UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship
1Josefine Ervik26/09/1994Goalkeeper90 90 FK Fortuna Ålesund (NOR)
2Mali Lilleås Næss05/05/1994Defender90 90 SK Trondheims-Ørn (NOR)
3Stine Pettersen Reinås15/07/1994Defender9090 Stabæk Fotball (NOR)
4Carlotta Fennefoss13/10/1994Defender44+9090 Lipscomb University (USA)
5Ingrid Bakke03/09/1994Defender9088* Stabæk Fotball (NOR)
6Lisa Naalsund11/06/1995Midfield909090 Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
7Vilde Bøe Risa13/07/1995Midfield85*9076* Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
8Guro Reiten26/07/1994Midfield9079*90 SK Trondheims-Ørn (NOR)
9Amalie Eikeland26/08/1995Forward9090901 Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
10Andrea Thun27/06/1994Forward69*9080* IL Sandviken (NOR)
11Mia Marie Voltersvik14/02/1994Forward5+ Sarpsborg 08 FF (NOR)
12Cecilie Fiskerstrand20/03/1996Goalkeeper 90 Langevåg IL (NOR)
13Andrine Tomter05/02/1995Defender 9090 Kolbotn IL (NOR)
14Guro Bergsvand03/03/1994Defender46*2+90 FK Lyn (NOR)
15Nora Byom Nilssen16/08/1994Midfield 14+ Kolbotn IL (NOR)
16Ine Wedaa12/05/1995Forward 7+21+ Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
17Synne Hansen12/08/1995Forward21+11+10+1 Røa IL (NOR)
18Synne Jensen15/02/1996Forward9083*69*2 Kolbotn IL (NOR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Jarl Torske
Mentally and physically, the girls responded exceptionally well after the heavy defeat by Germany. They were upset and determined to prove that they were better. We created chances against Finland and solved our scoring problems by getting five against Sweden. I felt proud of the commitment they showed. It was a tough education for them but they didn't give up. The important thing now is that this team will be largely available in 2014.

Norway team analysis

Norway team analysis

• 4-3-3 with Vilde Bøe Risa (No7) as single screening midfielder

• Aimed to build through midfield; under pressure, direct passes to front three

• Sustained high pressing – including pressure on opposing goalkeeper

• But deep, damage-limitation defending when losing to Germany

• Two fast wingers; adventurous full-backs, especially Andrine Tomter (No13) on left

• Quick collective counters; powerful running by front three

• Strong team spirit, mental resilience after heavy opening defeat