Team analysis



1Louise Högrell12/02/1994Goalkeeper909090 Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC (SWE)
2Jasmin Nejati04/05/1994Defender 33+ Umeå IK (SWE)
3Alexandra Benediktsson22/10/1994Defender 9090 IF Limhamn Bunkeflo 2007 (SWE)
4Amanda Hallesjö04/01/1994Defender 12+ Hovås Billdal IF (SWE)
5Elin Bragnum01/05/1994Defender909090 AIK Fotboll (SWE)
6Julia Wahlberg29/09/1995Midfield909090 Mölndal BK (SWE)
7Malin Diaz03/01/1994Midfield9072*56* Tyresö FF (SWE)
8Lina Hurtig05/09/1995Midfield909078* Umeå IK (SWE)
9Pauline Hammarlund07/05/1994Forward72*33+ Linköpings FC (SWE)
10Fanny Andersson27/02/1995Forward44+9090 IK Sirius (SWE)
11Mimmi Löfwenius16/02/1994Forward46*18+ Mölndal BK (SWE)
12Maja Ohlsson15/02/1995Goalkeeper Tyresö FF (SWE)
13Mimmi Larsson09/04/1994Forward18+81*90 Mallbackens IF (SWE)
14Elin Bergkvist21/01/1994Defender909090 Piteå IF (SWE)
15Marija Banušić17/09/1995Forward9057*34+1 Kristianstads DFF (SWE)
16Ellen Karlsson03/06/1994Defender909057* KIF Örebro DFF (SWE)
17Irma Helin18/06/1994Midfield27+9+90 Djurgården IF DFF (SWE)
18Nellie Karlsson09/07/1995Forward63* Östers IF (SWE)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Calle Barrling
The tournament was all about development and when we reflect on it, we cannot be too disappointed. We prepared well but defending effectively proved to be a problem for us and it affected our performance in all three games. In all three we were pushed back and we were unable to defend as high as we would have liked. As a result, our passing game in attack was not our usual style. In the longer perspective, our defeat by Germany was the first in 19 games but it is always disappointing to make an early exit.

Sweden team analysis

Sweden team analysis

• Classic 4-4-2 with twin screen; 4-1-4-1 v Germany

• Compact, disciplined deep defending; quick attack-to-defence transitions

• Tall, athletic players with physical presence, good aerial ability

• Emphasis on direct passing to target striker plus second-ball winning

• Malin Diaz (No8) the skilful middle-to-front link; supplier of through passes

• Intense but low pressure on opponents from 15m into own half

• Alert goalkeeper quick to cover any spaces behind strong back four