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Wales Squad Portraits - UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship
1Alice Evans22/07/1994Goalkeeper909090 Yeovil Town FC (ENG)
2Alys Hinchcliffe28/03/1995Defender909090 Wrexham LFC (WAL)
3Lauren Hancock31/03/1994Defender909090 Cardiff City FC (WAL)
4Lauren Price25/06/1994Defender909090 Cardiff City FC (WAL)
5Rhian Cleverley11/01/1995Defender909090 Bristol City WFC (ENG)
6Angharad James01/06/1994Defender909090 Bristol City WFC (ENG)
7Amy Thrupp20/06/1994Forward73*9035* PILCS FC (WAL)
8Rachel Hignett14/09/1995Midfield909085* Bristol City WFC (ENG)
9Hannah Keryakoplis01/02/1994Forward9077*46* Stoke City FC (ENG)
10Emma Beynon04/03/1996Midfield46* Swansea City Ladies FC (WAL)
11Ellie Curson18/02/1994Forward9083* Bristol City WFC (ENG)
12Delyth Morgan24/02/1996Goalkeeper Liverpool LFC (ENG)
13Lia Lewis31/10/1996Midfield38*+ 55+ Birmingham City LFC (ENG)
14Amy Wathan13/03/1994Forward 68*90 Cardiff City FC (WAL)
15Emile Revitt02/08/1996Defender6+7+ Liverpool LFC (ENG)
16Kelly Louise Bourne12/09/1994Midfield 5+ Cardiff City FC (WAL)
17Samantha Quayle08/10/1995Midfield 22+90 Bristol City WFC (ENG)
18Emma Jones10/10/1994Forward17+13+ Reading Girls FC (ENG)
19Chloe Lloyd04/10/1996Midfield Swansea City Ladies FC (WAL)
20Shanelle Edwards18/05/1994Forward44+ Cardiff City FC (WAL)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Jarmo Matikainen
The girls took on board so many things as part of the learning process. We need to aim for better possession – which means better first touch, better passing, stronger shielding of the ball and greater interaction with the other players. We now know the benchmarks; we know what we need to do. These young players represented Wales proudly and have their best games in front of them. They are raring to start work on aiming even higher.

Wales team analysis

Wales team analysis

• 4-4-1-1 with Emma Beynon (No10) as shadow striker behind Hannah Keryakoplis (No9)

• 4-5-1 defending with Keryakoplis or Beynon pressing high in isolation

• Counterattacking style with emphasis on direct back-to-front passing

• Good distribution by Lauren Price (No4, defence) and Angharad James (No6, influential in midfield)

• Compact, well-organised, disciplined deep defending

• Mental and physical strength; committed tackling and interceptions

• Strong team and work ethic; well-coordinated collective virtues