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Belgium squad
1Justien Odeurs30/05/1997Goalkeeper909090 WD Lierse SK (BEL)
2Karen Verrydt12/04/1995Defender909090 WD Lierse SK (BEL)
4Tine De Caigny09/06/1997Midfield9074* Club Brugge KV (BEL)
5Tinne Van Den Bergh14/01/1995Midfield909090 WD Lierse SK (BEL)
6Elke Van Gorp12/05/1995Midfield909090 WD Lierse SK (BEL)
7Elien Van Wynendaele19/02/1995Defender909075* KAA Gent (BEL)
8Magali Dinon23/11/1996Defender R. Standard de Liège (BEL)
9Lucinda Michez27/04/1995Forward9090901 RSC Anderlecht (BEL)
10Silke Leynen06/04/1995Forward79*52* WD Lierse SK (BEL)
11Chloe Van Mingeroet18/03/1997Defender9082*90 WD Lierse SK (BEL)
12Diede Lemey07/10/1996Goalkeeper RSC Anderlecht (BEL)
14Isabelle Iliano02/03/1997Defender11+38+90 KAA Gent (BEL)
15Margaux Van Ackere13/11/1996Forward45+9090 KAA Gent (BEL)
16Jody Vangheluwe15/07/1997Defender45*8+ Club Brugge KV (BEL)
17Lola Wajnblum22/01/1996Forward909090 RSC Anderlecht (BEL)
18Britt Vanhamel29/12/1995Defender 84 R. Standard de Liège (BEL)
21Sheryl Merchiers22/01/1997Forward 16+15+ SV Zulte Waregem (BEL)
22Pauline Windels05/08/1995Defender KAA Gent (BEL)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute
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Kristiaan Van Der Haegen
"Playing in Norway was a real adventure, as it was difficult to anticipate the standard of the tournament and exactly how good the opposition would be. We didn't know how we were going to cope. I think we did a good job as we were able to provide proper opposition in all our matches. We were good tactically and put in a lot of effort until the end. Apart from the results, I'm a very proud coach and it represented a step up – like going from the domestic league into the Champions League."

Belgium team analysis

Belgium team analysis

• Variations on 4-3-3 with single screening midfielder; 4-2-4 when chasing result

• Patient building from back; good combinations in approach play

• Emphasis on supply from midfield into channels between defenders

• Rotating front three; irregular use of width (sometimes narrow in attack)

• Full-backs forward when keeper in possession, but only occasional overlaps

• Screening midfielder Tine De Caigny in key box-to-box role

• Technical ability, tactical awareness; good keeping; high on team spirit