Team analysis

Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland squad
1Brooke Dunne27/02/1997Goalkeeper90909090 Peamount United FC (IRL)
2Grace Wright18/02/1995Defender90909090 Texas A&M University (USA)
3Savannah McCarthy26/03/1997Defender909090902 Listowel Celtic FC (IRL)
4Lauren Dwyer25/09/1996Defender90909066* Wexford & District (IRL)
5Ciara O'Connell09/06/1995Midfield90909090 Wilton United (IRL)
6Chloe Mustaki29/07/1995Midfield9069*9060* Peamount United FC (IRL)
7Keeva Keenan16/08/1997Defender21+90901 Shelbourne FC (IRL)
8Amy O'Connor19/01/1996Forward90909050* Wilton United (IRL)
9Megan Connolly07/03/1997Forward909090901 College Corinthians (ITA)
10Clare Shine18/05/1995Forward88*75*31+901 Raheny United FC (IRL)
11Katie McCabe21/09/1995Forward909087*40+ Raheny United FC (IRL)
12Ciara McNamara30/06/1996Defender Holyhill FC (IRL)
13Sarah Rowe25/07/1995Forward909059*90 Castlebar Celtic FC (IRL)
14Shannon Carson23/05/1996Midfield2+ 3+ Holyhill FC (IRL)
15Hayley Nolan07/03/1997Midfield 15+ 30+ Peamount United FC (IRL)
16Amanda McQuillan24/03/1998Goalkeeper Shelbourne FC (IRL)
17Jessica Gargan10/03/1997Forward Peamount United FC (IRL)
18Roma McLaughlin06/03/1998Midfield 24+ Greencastle FC (IRL)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Dave Connell
"We worked hard and played some nice football – tough but fair. We were confident we could compete with the best and we showed it in a group with three great nations. It showed the character of the team and its leadership qualities. The girls played with a lot of courage and belief. And we were hard to beat because of that belief. There was hysteria in Ireland and we were very, very proud of the girls. We would like to get back and taste this again." 

Republic of Ireland team analysis

Republic of Ireland team analysis

• 4-3-3 with quick transitions to 4-1-4-1 defending

• Power and strength major weapons; not obsessed with ball possession

• Good use of flanks by full-backs and notably by skilful McCabe on the left

• High pressure by front three, encouraging opponents to play long

• Keeper quick to sweep; good mix of short and long distribution

• Well-rehearsed, well-delivered set plays a major weapon

• Strong collective virtues; self-belief, mental resilience, never-say-die attitude