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Norway squad
1Cecilie Fiskerstrand20/03/1996Goalkeeper 909090 FK Fortuna Ålesund (NOR)
2Cecilie Kvamme11/09/1995Defender8+ 90 Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
3Marit Clausen25/06/1996Defender909090901 SK Trondheims-Ørn (NOR)
4Ane Walsøe04/02/1995Defender90909090 Medkila IL (NOR)
5Andrine Tomter05/02/1995Defender90909090 Kolbotn IL (NOR)
6Lisa Naalsund11/06/1995Midfield909090901 Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
7Vilde Bøe Risa13/07/1995Midfield90909083* Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
8Synne Hansen12/08/1995Forward65*65*66*75*2 Røa IL (NOR)
9Sigrid Hansen03/11/1995Midfield9085*46*90 FK Fortuna Ålesund (NOR)
10Synne Jensen15/02/1996Forward909090901 Kolbotn IL (NOR)
11Marie Markussen15/02/1997Forward909020+55*2 Stabæk Fotball (NOR)
12Aurora Mikalsen21/03/1996Goalkeeper90 Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
13Tuva Hansen04/08/1997Defender82*90 90 Arna-Bjørnar (NOR)
14Camilla Ose25/05/1996Forward 70*35+ Kolbotn IL (NOR)
15Karina Sævik24/03/1996Midfield 24+7+ Avaldsnes Idrettslag (NOR)
16Sara Johansen17/09/1995Midfield 5+ IF Fløya (NOR)
17Inger Katrine Bjerke15/02/1995Defender 44+ Røa IL (NOR)
18Johanne Fridlund24/07/1996Forward25+25+15+ Vålerenga FB (NOR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Jarl Torske
"Against Scotland I was proud of the girls. They played good football, timed the transitions well and kept a good pace to our passing game. Against Spain we couldn't put together good combinations, kept losing the ball and never really threatened them. But a lot of credit goes to the Spanish team. It was a sad ending to my Under-19 career because, like the players, I believed we could reach the final and even be champions."

Norway team analysis

Norway team analysis

• 4-3-3 with Bøe Risa a key figure as single screening midfielder

• Effective collective pressing with all players working to win ball

• Preference for early supply to three fast, direct attackers

• Variations in attack with Naalsund, Sigrid Hansen supporting from midfield

• Quick transitions to 4-1-4-1 defending; counterattacks with power and pace

• Two quality keepers; agile, alert, good distribution to launch attacks

• Well-organised, balanced team; dangerous, well-rehearsed set plays