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Sweden squad
1Zecira Musovic26/05/1996Goalkeeper909090 FC Rosengård (SWE)
2Elin Björklund28/07/1995Defender9045* FC Rosengård (SWE)
3Julia Ekholm17/06/1996Defender 45+90 Bollstanäs SK (SWE)
4Elin Karlsson09/07/1995Defender909090 Växjö DFF (SWE)
5Nellie Karlsson09/07/1995Midfield909090 Växjö DFF (SWE)
6Julia Wahlberg29/09/1995Midfield909090 Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC (SWE)
7Filippa Curmark02/08/1995Midfield65* 46* Mölndal BK (SWE)
8Fanny Andersson27/02/1995Midfield9077*76* IK Sirius (SWE)
9Stina Blackstenius05/02/1996Forward90*90902 Linköpings FC (SWE)
10Lina Hurtig05/09/1995Forward909090 Umeå IK (SWE)
11Lotta Ökvist17/02/1997Midfield79*66*44+ Piteå IF (SWE)
12Emma Holmgren13/05/1997Goalkeeper Vaksala SK (SWE)
13Nathalie Björn04/05/1997Defender909090 AIK Fotboll (SWE)
14Anna Oskarsson23/06/1996Defender25+90 Mölndal BK (SWE)
15Maja Norrhamn24/08/1996Midfield Kristianstads DFF (SWE)
16Filippa Angeldal14/07/1997Midfield11+13+14+ AIK Fotboll (SWE)
17Julia Zigiotti Olme24/12/1997Forward1+24+70* Bollstanäs SK (SWE)
18Emma Jansson09/05/1996Midfield 20+ Hammarby IF DFF (SWE)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Calle Barrling
"We picked our youngest team ever and showed we have talented 17-year-olds. We prepared very well and were disappointed not to go further than the group stage. Our group was tough and it gave the girls opportunities to play against three very different styles of playing the game. There were different challenges in every game and, even though it was disappointing not to play more matches, it was a very positive experience for the future of the girls."

Sweden team analysis

Sweden team analysis

• Classic 4-4-2 based on two compact, well-drilled lines of four

• Good athletic attributes; great team ethic; clear game plan

• Direct passing to strikers with second ball support from midfield

• Blackstenius, Hurtig a strong attacking partnership

• Good balance in midfield with Wahlberg controlling the line

• Well-organised pressing enabling fast transitions to attack

• Alert keeper sweeping behind defence; well-executed set plays