Team analysis

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland squad
1Lauren Perry05/04/2001Goalkeeper909090 Linfield Ladies (NIR)
2Courtney Moore01/10/1998Defender9084*90 Crusaders Ladies (ENG)
3Lauren Robson22/08/1999Forward45* Linfield Ladies (NIR)
4Emma McMaster09/03/1999Midfield909090 Cliftonville Ladies (NIR)
5Teresa Burns06/06/1998Forward909090 Sion Swifts FC (NIR)
6Brenna McPartlan01/09/1999Midfield909090 Manchester City Women’s FC (ENG)
7Rebecca Bassett01/04/1999Forward9090 Mid-Ulster Ladies (NIR)
8Megan Bell17/04/2001Midfield909090 Linfield Ladies (NIR)
9Emily Wilson26/08/2001Forward65*70*73* Crusaders Ladies (ENG)
10Megan Reilly02/12/1999Midfield909090 Challenge SC (NIR)
11Leyla Mcfarland20/08/2000Forward86*78*89* Eastlake High School (USA)
12Kirsty McCaughtry23/01/1998Goalkeeper Crusaders Ladies (ENG)
13Yasmin White07/07/2000Midfield45+9090 Glentoran Belfast United (NIR)
14Isobel Coppel11/09/1999Defender Leicester City Ladies (ENG)
15Chloe Orr17/06/1999Midfield 6+45+ Mid-Ulster Ladies (NIR)
16Abbie Magee15/11/2000Midfield25+20+45* Linfield Ladies (NIR)
17Morgane Beggs27/09/2000Defender 1+ Crusaders Ladies (ENG)
18Louise McDaniel24/05/2000Midfield4+12+17+1 Linfield Ladies (NIR)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Northern Ireland coach: Alfie Wylie

Coach: Alfie Wylie


Northern Ireland team analysis

Northern Ireland team analysisNorthern Ireland team analysis

  • Well-drilled 1-4-1-4-1 defending with transitions to 1-4-3-3 in attack
  • Emphasis on deep defending with numbers behind the ball
  • Counterattacking game; direct supply to striker or solo runs from midfield
  • Good goalkeeping; quick off her line, brave, generally playing long
  • Disciplined back four generally staying deep, having to cope with pressure
  • 8 Bell, 6 McPartlan trying to link play with good technique, runs with ball
  • Good team and work ethics; spirit, commitment to clear strategy