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Netherland squad
1Lize Kop17/03/1998Goalkeeper9090 90 AFC Ajax (NED)
2Noah Waterham09/04/1999Defender9090 90 CTO Amsterdam Talent Team (NED)
3Kay-Lee de Sanders06/01/1998Defender9085*73*85* AFC Ajax (NED)
4Caitlin Dijkstra30/01/1999Defender909017+90 CTO Eindhoven Talent Team (NED)
5Aniek Nouwen09/03/1999Defender909090902 PSV Eindhoven (NED)
6Nurija van Schoonhoven08/02/1998Midfield909035+84* FC Zwolle (NED)
7Quinty Sabajo01/08/1999Midfield90909084* CTO Amsterdam Talent Team (NED)
8Nadine Noordam29/07/1998Forward909055*90 ADO Den Haag (NED)
9Joëlle Smits07/02/2000Forward9090 902 FC Twente '65 (NED)
10Victoria Pelova03/06/1999Midfield88*89* 902 ADO Den Haag (NED)
11Ashleigh Weerden07/06/1999Forward78*76*27+901 FC Twente '65 (NED)
12Danique Ypema20/11/1999Defender 5+90 CTO Amsterdam Talent Team (NED)
13Jamie Altelaar06/04/1999Defender 90 VV Alkmaar (NED)
14Eva Van Deursen21/01/1999Midfield2+
15Kayleigh Van Dooren31/07/1999Midfield 1+906+ CTO Eindhoven Talent Team (NED)
16Jacintha Weimar11/06/1998Goalkeeper 90 FC Bayern München (GER)
17Naomi Pattiwael21/07/1998Forward 14+63* CTO Eindhoven Talent Team (NED)
18Fenna Kalma21/11/1999Forward12+ 905+1 SC Heerenveen (NED)
19Bente Jansen28/08/1999Forward 906+ FC Twente '65 (NED)
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Netherlands coach Jessica Torny

Coach: Jessica Torny


Netherlands team analysis

Netherlands team analysisNetherlands team analysis

  • 1-4-3-3 with two wingers and single midfield screen when attacking
  • Variable defensive structure; high line; midfield or high pressing
  • Combination game aiming to play through thirds, use pace of wingers
  • Dangerous wing play; 1 v 1 skills, good crossing by 11 Weerden on left
  • 10 Pelova linking attacks, intelligent work between opposition lines
  • Ball-winning, interceptions by midfield trio; fast supply to front
  • Physically strong team with athletic qualities, winning mentality