2018 WU19 EURO: Switzerland

Switzerland will stage the 2018 Women's U19 EURO from 18 to 30 July, the first nation to twice host the eight-team tournament.

UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship trophy

Switzerland will host the 2018 UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship, becoming the first nation to stage the eight-team final tournament more than once – it was the venue for Germany's 2006 triumph.

The competition will be played from 18 to 30 July with seven qualifiers to join the hosts in the finals.

Road to Switzerland

1407_WU19 final goals_AMB
Final goals: 2005-14

Qualifying round
Group 1 (12–18 September):
Germany, Iceland*, Montenegro, Kosovo

Group 2 (18–24 October): England, Slovenia, Wales, Kazakhstan*

Group 3 (8–14 September): Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania*

Group 4 (25–31 October): Spain (holders), Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Albania*

Group 5 (16–22 October): Norway, Portugal*, Northern Ireland, Cyprus

Group 6 (18–24 October): Netherlands*, Republic of Ireland, Estonia, Latvia

Group 7 (16–22 October): France, Italy, Moldova*, Faroe Islands

Group 8 (17–23 October): Belgium, Austria*, Croatia, FYR Macedonia

Group 9 (18–24 October): Sweden, Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria*

Group 10 (18–24 October): Scotland, Turkey, Hungary*, Armenia

Group 11 (12–18 September): Finland*, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel

Group 12 (12–18 September): Russia, Poland, Greece, Georgia*


Elite round draw: 24 November
Elite round: 210 April & 412 June