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2019 FIFA Women's World Cup finals: France

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup finals were held in France from 7 June to 7 July.

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The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup finals were held in France from 7 June to 7 July. There were 24 finalists including eight European qualifiers alongside the hosts.


Group A final ranking: France (hosts), Norway, Nigeria, South Korea*
Group B final ranking: Germany, Spain, China, South Africa*
Group C final ranking: Italy, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica*
Group D final ranking: England, Japan, Argentina*, Scotland*
Group E final ranking: Netherlands, Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand*
Group F final ranking: United States (holders), Sweden, Chile*, Thailand*



Friday 7 June
Group A:France 4-0 South Korea (Paris)

Saturday 8 June
Group B: Germany 1-0 China (Rennes)
Group B: Spain 3-1 South Africa (Le Havre)
Group A: Norway 3-0 Nigeria (Reims)

Sunday 9 June
Group C: Australia 1-2 Italy (Valenciennes)
Group C: Brazil 3-0 Jamaica (Grenoble)
Group D: England 2-1 Scotland (Nice)

Monday 10 June
Group D: Argentina 0-0 Japan (Paris)
Group E: Canada 1-0 Cameroon (Montpellier)

Tuesday 11 June
Group E: New Zealand 0-1 Netherlands (Le Havre)
Group F: Chile 0-2 Sweden (Rennes)
Group F: United States 13-0 Thailand (Reims)

Wednesday 12 June
Group A: Nigeria 2-0 South Korea (Grenoble)
Group B: Germany 1-0 Spain (Valenciennes)
Group A: France 2-1 Norway (Nice)

Thursday 13 June
Group C: Australia 3-2 Brazil (Montpellier)
Group B: South Africa 0-1 China (Paris)

Friday 14 June
Group D: Japan 2-0 Scotland (Rennes)
Group C: Jamaica 0-5 Italy (Reims)
Group D: England 1-0 Argentina (Le Havre)

Saturday 15 June
Group E: Netherlands 3-1 Cameroon (Valenciennes)
Group E: Canada 2-0 New Zealand (Grenoble)

Sunday 16 June
Group F: Sweden 5-1 Thailand (Nice)
Group F: United States 3-0 Chile (Paris)

Monday 17 June
Group B: China 0-0 Spain (Le Havre)
Group B: South Africa 0-4 Germany (Montpellier)
Group A: Nigeria 0-1 France (Rennes)
Group A: South Korea 1-2 Norway (Reims)

Tuesday 18 June
Group C: Jamaica 1-4 Australia (Grenoble)
Group C: Italy 0-1 Brazil (Valenciennes)

Wednesday 19 June
Group D: Japan 0-2 England (Nice)
Group D: Scotland 3-3 Argentina (Paris)

Thursday 20 June
Group E: Cameroon 2-1 New Zealand (Montpellier)
Group E: Netherlands 2-1 Canada (Reims)
Group F: Sweden 0-2 United States (Le Havre)
Group F: Thailand 0-2 Chile (Rennes)

Round of 16:
Saturday 22 June 
38: Germany 3-0 Nigeria (Grenoble)
37: Norway 1-1aet, 4-1pens Australia (Nice)
Sunday 23 June
39: England 3-0 Cameroon (Valenciennes)
40: France 2-1aet Brazil (Le Havre)
Monday 24 June
41: Spain 1-2 United States (Reims)
42: Sweden 1-0 Canada (Paris)
Tuesday 25 June
43: Italy 2-0 China (Montpellier)
44: Netherlands 2-1 Japan (Rennes)

Thursday 27 June
45: Norway 0-3 England (Le Havre)
Friday 28 June
46: France 1-2 United States (Paris)
Saturday 29 June
47: Italy 0-2 Netherlands (15:00, Valenciennes)
48: Germany 1-2 Sweden (18:30, Rennes)

Tuesday 2 July
49: England 1-2 United States (Lyon)
Wednesday 3 July
50: Netherlands 1-0aet Sweden (Lyon)

Third-place play-off:
Saturday 6 July 
England 1-2 Sweden (Nice)

Sunday 7 July 
United States 2-0 Netherlands (Lyon)

Past World Cup finals (European teams in bold)
2015: United States 5-2 Japan; Vancouver, Canada
2011: Japan 2-2 United States (aet, 3-1 pens); Frankfurt, Germany
2007: Germany 2-0 Brazil; Shanghai, China
2003: Germany 1-0 Sweden (aet, golden goal); Carson, United States
1999: United States 0-0 China (aet, 5-4 pens); Pasadena, United States
1995: Norway 2-0 Germany; Stockholm, Sweden
1991: United States 2-1 Norway; Guangzhou, China

Past Olympic medallists (European teams in bold)
2016: Germany (gold), Sweden (silver), Canada (bronze); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012: United States (gold), Japan (silver), Canada (bronze); London, United Kingdom
2008: United States (gold), Brazil (silver), Germany (bronze); Beijing, China
2004: United States (gold), Brazil (silver), Germany (bronze); Athens, Greece
2000: Norway (gold), United States (silver), Germany (bronze); Sydney, Australia
1996: United States (gold), China (silver), Norway (bronze); Atlanta, United States