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Women's World Cup groups and matches: Netherlands face US, England with Denmark, Sweden meet Italy, France play Brazil

The groups have been set for the 2023 finals running from 20 July to 20 August in Australia and New Zealand.

The draw was made at Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand
The draw was made at Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand FIFA via Getty Images

The Netherlands will replay their 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup final with the United States in the 2023 group stage after the draw for the 2023 finals in Australia and New Zealand was made in Auckland.

In the first final tournament since the expansion from 24 to 32 teams, 11 European nations will definitely take part, with Portugal hoping to join them after February's Inter-confederation play-offs in New Zealand. The action kicks off 20 July, with 1995 winners Norway facing New Zealand and, in their first major final tournament match, the Republic of Ireland facing Australia.

Beaten 2-0 in the 2019 final in Lyon, the Netherlands will hoep to avenge that loss to the US when they take on the holders (aiming for a third title in a row) on 27 July in Wellington. European champions England are in a group with Denmark, while two-time World Cup victors Germany have Morocco, Colombia and South Korea.

Switzerland are in Group A with Norway and New Zealand, as well as the Philippines, while Spain's opponents include 2011 world champions Japan. Sweden and Italy are both in Group G while France's fixtures will include a meeting with Brazil, who they knocked out in extra time in the 2019 round of 16 before losing to the US.

The group stage ends on 3 August and the top two in each group progress to the round of 16 beginning two days later. The final is on 20 August in Stadium Australia, Sydney.

Women's World Cup groups

Group A: New Zealand (hosts), Norway, Philippines, Switzerland

Group B: Australia (hosts), Republic of Ireland, Nigeria, Canada

Group C: Spain, Costa Rica, Zambia, Japan

Group D: England, Winner Group B play-off*, Denmark, China PR

Group E: United States (holders), Vietnam, Netherlands, Winner Group A play-off*

Group F: France, Jamaica, Brazil, Winner Group C play-off*

Group G: Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Argentina

Group H: Germany, Morocco, Colombia, South Korea

*Inter-confederation play-offs:18 to 23 February, New Zealand

Group A: Portugal vs Cameroon/Thailand
Group B: Chile vs Senegal/Haiti
Group C: Chinese Taipei/Paraguay vs Papua New Guinea/Panama

UEFA nations in bold

Europe's contenders

  • The US are aiming for a third straight title and fifth overall.
  • Norway (1995), Germany (2003, 2007) and Japan (2011 are other part winners).
  • Netherlands were 2019 runners-up while China PR (1999), Sweden (2003) and Brazil (1997) are other past finalists.
  • England won their first European title in 2022.
  • Canada were 2021 Olympic champions
  • Ireland are joined by fellow World Cup debutants Morocco, Philippines, Vietnam and Zambia (with more potentially to follow after the play-offs).
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All times CET

Match schedule

Thursday 20 July
Group A: New Zealand vs Norway (Auckland, 09:00)
Group B: Australia vs Republic of Ireland (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12:00)

Friday 21 July
Group B: Nigeria vs Canada (Melbourne, 04:30)
Group A: Philippines v Switzerland (Dunedin, 07:00)
Group C: Spain vs Costa Rica (Wellington, 09:30)

Saturday 22 July
Group E: United States vs Vietnam (Auckland, 03:00)
Group C: Zambia vs Japan (Hamilton, 09:00)
Group D: England vs Chile/Senegal/Haiti (Brisbane, 11:30)
Group D: Denmark vs China PR (Perth, 14:00)

Sunday 23 July
Group G: Sweden vs South Africa (Wellington, 07:00)
Group E: Netherlands vs Portugal/Cameroon/Thailand (Dunedin, 09:30)
Group F: France vs Jamaica (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12:00)

Monday 24 July
Group G: Italy vs Argentina (Auckland, 08:00)
Group H: Germany vs Morocco (Melbourne, 10:30)
Group F: Brazil vs Chinese Taipei/Paraguay/Papua New Guinea/Panama (Adelaide, 13:00)

Tuesday 25 July
Group H: Colombia vs South Korea (Sydney, Football Stadium, 04:00)
Group A: New Zealand vs Philippines (Wellington, 07:30)
Group A: Switzerland vs Norway (Hamilton, 10:00)

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Wednesday 26 July
Group C: Japan vs Costa Rica (Dunedin, 07:00)
Group C: Spain vs Zambia (Wellington, 09:30)
Group B: Canada vs Republic of Ireland (Perth, 14:00)

Thursday 27 July
Group E: United States vs Netherlands (Wellington, 03:00)
Group E: Portugal/Cameroon/Thailand vs Vietnam (Hamilton, 09:30)
Group B: Australia vs Nigeria (Brisbane, 12:00)

Friday 28 July
Group G: Argentina vs South Africa (02:00, Dunedin)
Group D: England vs Denmark (Sydney, Football Stadium, 10:30)
Group D: China PR vs Chile/Senegal/Haiti (Adelaide, 13:00)

Saturday 29 July
Group G: Sweden vs Italy (Wellington, 09:30)
Group F: France vs Brazil (Brisbane, 12:00)
Group F: Chinese Taipei/Paraguay/Papua New Guinea/Panama vs Jamaica (Perth, 14:30)

Sunday 30 July
Group H: South Korea vs Morocco (Adelaide, 06:30)
Group A: Switzerland vs New Zealand (Dunedin, 09:00)
Group A: Norway vs Philippines (Auckland, 09:00)
Group H: Germany vs Colombia (Sydney, Football Stadium, 11:30)

Monday 31 July
Group C: Japan vs Spain (Wellington, 09:00)
Group C: Costa Rica vs Zambia (Hamilton, 09:00)
Group B: Canada vs Australia (Melbourne, 12:00)
Group B: Republic of Ireland vs Nigeria (Brisbane, 12:00)

Tuesday 1 August
Group E: Portugal/Cameroon/Thailand vs United States (Auckland, 09:00)
Group E: Vietnam vs Netherlands (Dunedin, 09:00)
Group D: China PR vs England (Adelaide, 13:00)
Group D: Chile/Senegal/Haiti vs Denmark (Perth, 13:00)

Wednesday 2 August
Group G: Argentina vs Sweden (Hamlton, 09:00)
Group G: South Africa vs Italy (Wellington, 09:00)
Group F: Chinese Taipei/Paraguay/Papua New Guinea/Panama vs France (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12:00)
Group F: Jamaica vs Brazil (Melbourne, 12:00)

Thursday 3 August
Group H: South Korea vs Germany (Brisbane, 12:00)
Group H: Morocco vs Colombia (Perth, 12:00)

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Knockout fixtures

Round of 16

Saturday 5 August
49: Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group C (Auckland, 07:00)
50: Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group A (Wellington, 10:00)

Sunday 6 August
51: Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group G (Sydney, Football Stadium, 04:00)
52: Winner Group G vs Runner-up Group E (Melbourne, 11:00)

Monday 7 August
54: Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group B (Brisbane, 09:30)
53: Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group D (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12:30)

Tuesday 8 August
56: Winner Group H vs Runner-up Group F (Melbourne, 10:00)
55: Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group H (Adelaide, 13:00)


Friday 11 August
57: Winner 49 vs Winner 51 (Wellington, 03:00)
58: Winner 50 vs Winner 52 (Auckland, 09:30)
Saturday 12 August
59: Winner 53 vs Winner 55 (Brisbane, 11:00)
60: Winner 54 vs Winner 56 (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12:30)


Tuesday 15 August
61: Winner 57 vs Winner 58 (Auckland, 10:00)
Wednesday 16 August
62: Winner 59 vs Winner 60 (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12:00)

Third-place play-off

Saturday 19 August
Loser 61 vs Loser 62 (Brisbane, 10:00)


Sunday 20 August
Winner 61 vs Winner 62 (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12:00)


Adelaide (Hindmarsh Stadium)
Brisbane (Brisbane Stadium)
Melbourne (Melbourne Rectangular Stadium)
Perth (Perth Rectangular Stadium)
Sydney (Sydney Football Stadium/Stadium Australia)

New Zealand
Auckland (Eden Park)
Dunedin (Dunedin Stadium)
Hamilton (Waikato Stadium)
Wellington (Wellington Regional Stadium)

Inter-confederation play-offs

A ten-team tournament will be held from 18 to 23 February 2023 in New Zealand to decide the last three finalists.

Group A

Saturday 18 February
Cameroon vs Thailand (Hamilton)
Wednesday 22 February
Portugal vs Cameroon/Thailand (Hamilton)

Group B

Semi-final: Saturday 18 February
Senegal vs Haiti (Auckland)
Final: Wednesday 22 February
Chile vs Senegal/Haiti (Auckland)

Group C 

Semi-finals: Sunday 19 February
Chinese Taipei vs Paraguay (Hamilton)
Papua New Guinea vs Panama (Auckland)

Final: Thursday 23 February
Chinese Taipei/Paraguay vs Papua New Guinea/Panama (Hamilton)

Past World Cup finals (European teams in bold)

2019: United States 2-0 Netherlands; Lyon, France
2015: United States 5-2 Japan; Vancouver, Canada
2011: Japan 2-2 United States (aet, 3-1 pens); Frankfurt, Germany
2007: Germany 2-0 Brazil; Shanghai, China
2003: Germany 1-0 Sweden (aet, golden goal); Carson, United States
1999: United States 0-0 China (aet, 5-4 pens); Pasadena, United States
1995: Norway 2-0 Germany; Stockholm, Sweden
1991: United States 2-1 Norway; Guangzhou, China

Past Olympic medallists (European teams in bold)

2021: Canada (gold), Sweden (silver), United States (bronze); Yokohama, Japan (postponed from 2020, final moved from Tokyo)
2016: Germany (gold), Sweden (silver), Canada (bronze); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012: United States (gold), Japan (silver), Canada (bronze); London, United Kingdom
2008: United States (gold), Brazil (silver), Germany (bronze); Beijing, China
2004: United States (gold), Brazil (silver), Germany (bronze); Athens, Greece
2000: Norway (gold), United States (silver), Germany (bronze); Sydney, Australia
1996: United States (gold), China (silver), Norway (bronze); Atlanta, United States