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UEFA EURO 2024 group stage: past meetings, head-to-head records

Check out the head-to-head records of all the group stage opponents following the UEFA EURO 2024 final tournament draw.

Spain and Italy are meeting for a fifth EURO in succession
Spain and Italy are meeting for a fifth EURO in succession Getty Images

How have the UEFA EURO 2024 group stage contenders fared in previous games against each other? We take a look at all their past meetings.

EURO draw recap

Group A

EURO 2024: The host cities

vs Hungary W13 D12 L12 F76 A68 (Last meeting: L0-1, 23/9/2022, UNL)
vs Scotland W8 D5 L4 F26 A23 (W3-2, 7/9/2015, EQ)
vs Switzerland W36 D8 L9 F142 A69 (D3-3, 13/10/2020, UNL)

vs Germany W12 D12 L13 F68 A76 (W1-0, 23/9/2022, UNL)
vs Scotland W4 D2 L3 F20 A16 (L0-1, 27/3/2018, Friendly)
vs Switzerland W30 D5 L11 F151 A71 (L2-5, 7/10/2017, EQ)

vs Germany W4 D5 L8 F23 A26 (L2-3, 7/9/2015, EQ)
vs Hungary W3 D2 L4 F16 A20 (W1-0, 27/3/2018, Friendly)
vs Switzerland W8 D3 L5 F26 A24 (W3-1, 1/3/2006, Friendly)

vs Germany W9 D8 L36 F69 A142 (D3-3, 13/10/2020, UNL)
vs Hungary W11 D5 L30 F71 A151 (W5-2, 7/10/2017, EQ)
vs Scotland W5 D3 L8 F24 A26 (W3-1, 1/3/2006, Friendly)

Group B

Top ten goals of EURO 2024 qualifying

vs Albania W8 D0 L0 F34 A3 (W2-1, 26/3/2022, Friendly)
vs Croatia W5 D2 L3 F20 A12 (D0-0, 18/6/2023, UNL)
vs Italy W13 D16 L11 F45 A46 (W2-1, 15/6/2023, UNL)

vs Albania N/A
vs Italy W3 D5 L1 F10 A10 (D1-1, 12/6/2015, EQ)
vs Spain W3 D2 L5 F12 A20 (D0-0, 18/6/2023, UNL)

vs Albania W4 D0 L0 F7 A1 (W3-1, 16/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Croatia W1 D5 L3 F10 A10 (D1-1, 12/6/2015, EQ)
vs Spain W11 D16 L13 F46 A45 (L1-2, 15/6/2023, UNL)

vs Croatia N/A
vs Italy W0 D0 L4 F1 A7 (L1-3, 16/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Spain W0 D0 L8 F3 A34 (L1-2, 26/3/2022, Friendly)

Group C

EURO through the years

vs Denmark W0 D1 L5 F3 A14 (L1-2, 17/11/2023, EQ)
vs England W0 D1 L5 F4 A10 (L0-1, 5/10/2017, WCQ)
vs Serbia W1 D6 L1 F11 A13 (D2-2, 22/6/2022, UNL)

vs England W4 D5 L13 F24 A41 (L1-2, 7/7/2021, EURO 2020)
vs Serbia W5 D0 L5 F19 A17 (W3-0, 29/3/2022, Friendly)
vs Slovenia W5 D1 L0 F14 A3 (W2-1, 17/11/2023, EQ)

vs Denmark W5 D0 L5 F17 A19 (L0-3, 29/3/2022, Friendly)
vs England W4 D5 L6 F21 A25 (L1-2, 3/6/2003, Friendly)
vs Slovenia W1 D6 L1 F13 A11 (D2-2, 22/6/2022, UNL)

vs Denmark W13 D5 L4 F41 A24 (W2-1, 7/7/2021, EURO 2020)
vs Serbia W6 D5 L4 F25 A21 (W2-1, 3/6/2003, Friendly)
vs Slovenia W5 D1 L0 F10 A4 (W1-0, 5/10/2017, WCQ)

Group D

EURO 2020 memories

vs Netherlands W3 D7 L9 F19 A28 (L2-0, 22/9/2022, UNL)
vs Austria W5 D2 L3 F19 A17 (D0-0, 9/9/2019, EQ)
vs France W3 D5 L9 F17 A30 (L3-1, 4/12/22, WC)

vs Austria W10 D4 L6 F38 A24 (W2-0, 17/6/2021, EURO 2020)
vs France W11 D4 L15 F57 A54 (L1-2, 13/10/2023, EQ)
vs Poland W9 D7 L3 F28 A19 (W2-0, 22/9/2022, UNL)

vs France W9 D3 L13 F41 A38 (L0-2, 22/9/2022, UNL)
vs Netherlands W6 D4 L10 F24 A38 (L0-2, 17/6/2021, EURO 2020)
vs Poland W3 D2 L5 F17 A19 (D0-0, 9/9/2019, EQ)

vs Austria W13 D3 L9 F38 A41 (W2-0, 22/9/2022, UNL)
vs Netherlands W15 D4 L11 F54 A57 (W2-1, 13/10/2023, EQ)
vs Poland W9 D5 L3 F30 A17 (W3-1, 4/12/22, WC)

Group E

All-time leading EURO scorers

vs Romania W5 D2 L4 F16 A14 (W2-1, 11/11/2011, Friendly)
vs Slovakia W3 D4 L5 F15 A23 (W2-1, 6/2/2013, Friendly)
vs Ukraine N/A

vs Belgium W5 D4 L3 F23 A15 (L1-2, 6/2/2013, Friendly)
vs Romania W18 D12 L10 F78 A52 (D1-1, 14/8/2013, Friendly)
vs Ukraine W2 D3 L3 F10 A9 (W4-1, 16/11/2018, UNL)

vs Belgium W4 D2 L5 F14 A16 (L1-2, 11/11/2011, Friendly)
vs Slovakia W10 D12 L18 F52 A78 (D1-1, 14/8/2013, Friendly)
vs Ukraine W3 D0 L3 F14 A10 (L3-4, 29/5/2016, Friendly)

vs Belgium N/A
vs Romania W3 D0 L3 F10 A14 (W3-4, 29/5/2016, Friendly)
vs Slovakia W3 D3 L2 F9 A10 (L4-1, 16/11/2018, UNL)

Group F

Classic Türkiye EURO goals

vs Czechia W6 D3 L12 F23 A45 (W2-1, 19/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Portugal W2 D0 L7 F9 A19 (L1-3, 24/3/2022, WCQ)
vs Georgia W3 D1 L1 F12 A5 (W3-1, 24/5/2012, Friendly)

vs Czechia N/A
vs Portugal W0 D0 L1 F0 A2 (L2-0, 31/5/2008, Friendly)
vs Türkiye W1 D1 L3 F5 A12 (L1-3, 24/5/2012, Friendly)

vs Czechia W7 D3 L4 F17 A13 (W4-0, 24/9/2022, UNL)
vs Türkiye W7 D0 L2 F19 A9 (W3-1, 24/3/2022, WCQ)
vs Georgia W1 D0 L0 F2 A0 (W2-0, 31/5/2008, Friendly)


vs Portugal W4 D3 L7 F13 A17 (L0-4, 24/9/2022, UNL)
vs Türkiye W12 D3 L6 F45 A23 (L1-2, 19/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Georgia N/A

All Soviet Union matches are awarded to Russia; all West Germany – but not East Germany – matches are awarded to Germany; all Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro matches are awarded to Serbia; all Czechoslovakia matches are allocated to both Czechia and Slovakia.

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