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Dočkal celebrates Czechs' Netherlands success

While Bořek Dočkal described the dramatic defeat of the Netherlands as "a great victory" for the Czech Republic, there was plenty of frustration for Guus Hiddink.

Dočkal celebrates Czechs' Netherlands success
Dočkal celebrates Czechs' Netherlands success ©UEFA.com

Bořek Dočkal hails "a great victory" after the Czech Republic's last-gasp win
After the 2-1 defeat of the Netherlands, Tomás Rosický says Czech tactics paid off 
Daryl Janmaat takes responsibility for the mistake that cost the Netherlands a draw
Guus Hiddink delayed his post-match media activities because "I was extremely angry "

Bořek Dočkal, Czech Republic midfielder
It is great, of course, but we definitely expected a really difficult game. We met a team that got to the semis in Brazil, they showed their quality. So we just tried to defend well and wait for counterattacks. It is a great victory for us.

[For my opening goal] I received a good ball from our striker. I didn't want to lose the ball, so I just tried to shoot and hit the top corner, so it was one of the best goals of my life.

We did not want to come out [after half-time] to defend even deeper than in the first half – we wanted to stay active and went for another chance. Then at the end we were a little bit lucky, it was almost an own goal and then we put it in, so definitely it is really a big victory for us.

It's too early to say [if we are on course to qualify] after the first game, but it is a huge victory and a really good step at the beginning of the group, so we just hope we can repeat our performance and take as many points as possible.

Tomás Rosický, Czech Republic midfielder
Obviously we're delighted with the result. Holland have a great team, for us it was a great night. We knew that they have great players with technical ability; we cannot match them in that. We tried to sit deep in defence, keep a good shape and play a tactical game. We did very well and worked hard for it. We were maybe a bit lucky that they made a big mistake at the end, but as a team we worked very hard and it is a great reward for us.

I have to see [the first goal again on TV], but David Lafata collected the ball pretty well and played it straight to [Bořek Dočkal]. It went in off the post I think – a nice goal.

It is a great win for us, but on the other hand there are plenty more games to come. In the next game we go to Turkey, which will be very tough as well, but if we keep playing like that we will have a good chance.

Pavel Vrba, Czech Republic coach
I am excited and very satisfied. It was not an easy victory, but at the end we were luckier. In the previous games our opponents were always luckier. However, all the four friendly games have paid off, even though we did not win any of them. In previous games we did not play bad football, but we did not succeed in terms of results. Against the Netherlands, we did. Our players played with maximum energy and fought until the end. That is how we got rid of bad luck.

Bořek Dočkal scored a wonderful goal in the first half and then we had to play a waiting game. Playing attacking football would be suicide against a team such as the Netherlands. We had to focus on defence and wait for the counterattacks.

It is a great feeling to beat the Netherlands, but one victory does not buy us qualification. We do not have our heads in the clouds, but three points are extremely important for us. The result of Iceland [3-0] Turkey showed us how tough our group will be.

Robin van Persie, Netherlands forward
When you lose a match that late, it is very disappointing. After the equaliser we had things under control and created some chances to make it 2-1. A draw also was not such a bad result after all, but when you then lose like this, it is an extra blow, especially looking at the way the goal was scored.

Daryl Janmaat, Netherlands defender
It was my mistake [that led to the winner], I cannot say anything to justify it. I wanted to head the ball calmly back to Jasper Cillessen, which I already had done well two times before that, but I hit the ball totally wrong and that mistake was punished severely.

We should have won here and when that is not possible, we should have kept the 1-1 as a result. But then you should not make mistakes like this.

Guus Hiddink, Netherlands coach
I had to take myself into seclusion. I was extremely angry and that is why I stayed away [from the post-match media interviews] this long. In the final seconds of a match you should never ever lose. We were able to just walk out of here with a 1-1 draw. We gave it away so stupidly. When I talk about it now I get extremely angry again.

Although I have often played a 4-3-3, I have also said that we can always change it depending on our opponents. The goals were scored after our mistakes on the right side of the pitch, where we twice lost the ball. Our loss was not down to the formation but due to individual mistakes. After the first goal we reorganised our formation to 4-3-3, but at the end it was a really unlucky defeat for us. It is very difficult to consider your tactical formation if your defenders make such mistakes.

The Czech team did not allow us to create a lot of opportunities. Despite having two chances during the first half and several others in the second half we were not allowed to score by the Czech defence. We can learn our lessons; some of our players played well. Now we must discuss our performance and analyse our position in the group ahead of the game against Iceland.

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