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2024 FIFA Futsal World Cup: Uzbekistan

Croatia, France, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine represent Europe in the 24-team finals from 14 September to 6 October.

Portugal won the 2021 World Cup in Lithuania
Portugal won the 2021 World Cup in Lithuania FIFA via Getty Images

Uzbekistan will stage the tenth FIFA Futsal World Cup from 14 September to 6 October.

The hosts will be among 24 finalists, including seven European qualifiers: Croatia, France, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.

The draw was on 26 May in Samarkand, forming six groups of four. The top two in each group and the four best third-placed teams advance to the knockout phase.

All the matches


  • Andijan Universal Sports Complex
  • Bukhara Universal Sports Complex, Bukhara
  • Humo Arena, Tashkent


AFC: Afghanistan*, Iran, Tajikistan*, Thailand, Uzbekistan (hosts)
CAF: Angola, Libya, Morocco
CONCACAF: Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama
CONMEBOL: Argentina**, Brazil**, Paraguay, Venezuela
OFC: New Zealand*
UEFA (7): Croatia, France*, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Portugal (holders), Spain**, Ukraine

**Qualified for all ten editions

Futsal World Cup groups

Group A: Uzbekistan, Netherlands, Paraguay, Costa Rica

Group B: Brazil, Cuba, Croatia, Thailand

Group C: Argentina, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Angola

Group D: Spain, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Libya

Group E: Portugal (holders), Panama, Tajikistan, Morocco

Group F: IR Iran, Venezuela, Guatemala, France

2022 Futsal Finalissima final highlights: Spain 1-1 Portugal (2-4 pens)

Meet the European contenders


Qualifying main round: Group 7 winners (W5-1h vs Hungary, W7-0a vs Israel, W6-1h vs Israel, D1-1a vs Hungary)
Qualifying elite round: Group C runners-up (W5-1a vs Germany, W4-0h vs Slovakia, L2-5a vs France, L1-2h vs France, W4-0h vs Germany, W4-2a vs Slovakia)
Qualifying elite round play-offs: W5-4agg vs Poland (W3-2a, D2-2h)

Previous World Cups: 2000 (Second group stage)
EURO 2022: Group stage
EURO best: Fourth place (2012)


Qualifying main round: Group 9 winners (W9-1h vs Norway, D0-0a vs Serbia, W3-1a vs Norway, W2-0h vs Serbia)
Qualifying elite round
: Group C winners (D4-4a vs Slovakia, W6-2h vs Germany, W5-2h vs Croatia, W2-1a vs Croatia, W7-1h vs Slovakia, W3-1a vs Germany)

Previous World Cups: Finals debut
EURO 2022: Did not qualify
EURO best: Group stage (2018)


Qualifying main round: Group 5 winners (W2-0h vs Slovenia, W5-1a vs Montenegro, W7-0h vs Montenegro, D3-3a vs Slovenia)
Qualifying elite round
: Group A winners (W2-0a vs Netherlands, W4-3h vs Romania, W4-2a vs Azerbaijan, W3-2h vs Azerbaijan, W2-0h vs Netherlands, W2-0a vs Romania)

Previous World Cups: 2000* (First group stage), 2016 (Round of 16), 2021 (Fourth place)
EURO 2022: Quarter-finals
Futsal EURO best: Third place (2016)

*Representing AFC


Qualifying main round: Group 11 runners-up (W2-1h vs Kosovo, L2-4a vs Ukraine, D3-3a vs Kosovo, D1-1h vs Ukraine)
Qualifying main round play-offs: W11-3agg vs Moldova (W5-2h, W6-1a)
Qualifying elite round: Group A runners-up (L0-2h vs Kazakhstan, L1-6a vs Azerbaijan, W5-0a forfeit vs Romania, W5-0h forfeit vs Romania, L0-2a vs Kazakhstan, W3-0h vs Azerbaijan)
Qualifying elite round play-offs
: W5-5agg, 5-4pens vs Finland (D1-1h, D4-4a aet)

Previous World Cups: 1989 (Runners-up), 1992 (Second group stage), 1996 (Second group stage), 2000 (Second group stage)
EURO 2022: Group stage (hosts)
EURO best: Fourth place (1999)


Qualifying main round: Group 4 winners (W5-3h vs Belarus, W6-0a vs Lithuania, W2-0h vs Lithuania W4-2a vs Belarus)
Qualifying elite round
: Group E winners (W5-1a vs Finland, W5-0h forfeit vs Georgia, W5-0a forfeit vs Armenia, W7-1h vs Armenia, W5-0h vs Finland, W5-0a forfeit vs Georgia)

Previous World Cup appearances: 2000 (Third place), 2004 (Second group stage), 2008 (First group stage), 2012 (Quarter-finals), 2016 (Fourth place), 2021 (Winners)
EURO 2022: Winners
EURO best: Winners (2018, 2022)
Futsal Finalissima: Winners (2022)


Qualifying main round: Group 1 winners (W7-2h vs Moldova, W11-0a vs Cyprus, W13-0h vs Cyprus, W4-0a vs Moldova)
Qualifying elite round
: Group D winners (W3-0a vs Czechia, W1-0h vs Italy, D1-1a vs Slovenia, W4-0h vs Slovenia, W7-1h vs Czechia, W4-0a vs Italy)

Previous World Cup appearances: 1989 (First group stage), 1992 (Third place), 1996 (Runners-up), 2000 (Winners), 2004 (Winners), 2008 (Runners-up), 2012 (Runners-up, 2016 (Quarter-finals), 2021 (Quarter-finals) – one of three teams to have qualified for all ten editions with Argentina and Brazil
EURO 2022: Third place
Futsal EURO best: Winners (1996, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2016)
Futsal Finalissima
: Runners-up (2022)

2022 Futsal Finalissima semi-final highlights: Argentina 0-3 Spain


Qualifying main round: Group 11 winners (W3-1h vs Kosovo, W4-2h vs Netherlands, W5-2a vs Kosovo, D1-1a vs Netherlands)
Qualifying elite round
: Group B winners (W10-2a vs Belgium, L2-3h vs Poland, W6-1a vs Serbia, D1-1h vs Serbia, W8-2h vs Belgium, W5-3a vs Poland)

Previous World Cup appearances: 1996 (Fourth place), 2004 (Second group stage), 2008 (Second group stage), 2012 (Quarter-finals), 2016 (Round of 16)
EURO 2022: Fourth place
EURO best: Runners-up (2001, 2003)

World Cup roll of honour

2021: Portugal 2-1 Argentina (hosts: Lithuania)
2016: Argentina 5-4 Russia (Colombia)
2012: Brazil 3-2 aet Spain (Thailand)
2008: Brazil 2-2, 4-3 pens Spain (Brazil)
2004: Spain 2-1 Italy (Chinese Taipei)
2000: Spain 4-3 Brazil (Guatemala)
1996: Brazil 6-4 Spain (Spain)
1992: Brazil 4-1 United States (Hong Kong)
1989: Brazil 2-1 Netherlands (Netherlands)